How to Create the Perfect Care Package

Care Package Essentials
I truly believe that, as ladies, we’re all in this together. Which is why I think we should take great care to lift each other up in times of trial as well as triumph. To come to each other’s rescue when stuff gets tough and sing each other’s praises during every victory. I know a lot of women who kick serious butt….but everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. A smile, weekly Skype dates, a hand-written note with words of encouragement, an offer to hold the baby, hot cups of coffee in the midst of a busy finals week…these small gestures can make a world of difference when hurdles seem insurmountable. If you’re looking to cheer-on a fellow sister with a little box of love and goodies, I’ve got some ideas! Perhaps your cousin recently brought a human into the world (!), maybe your best friend is hunkering down in the trenches to finish her dissertation (!!) or your old room-mate moved to Taiwan to teach English without knowing a single soul (!!!). Whatever the case may be, here are a few tried and true items you could mix-and-match to create a glorious care package. Just a few well thought out, little pieces to remind her of the light at the end of the tunnel, to take sweet and gentle care of herself, and that you’re thinking of her…
one. a little bit of pampering goes a long way.
#TreatYoself purchases have probably taken a back seat while your gal pal traverses some winding roads. Help her make a quick pamper a priority. I love these Say Yes products and they’re super affordable from Target. The cucumber wipes are awesome for those evenings she’s too exhausted to run a tap and the tomato mask is down right spa-like.
two. so fresh and so clean, clean.
If showering is the only moment of blissful me-time she’s getting, than help it be a good one! A delicious smelling shower gel and a pouf will have her feeling like a new woman in no time.
three. hydration station.
I don’t know about you but I just can’t resist a fun specialty drink once and awhile. A can of IZZE or a few bottles of bai5 are perfect to bring a bit of bubbly, while a coconut water will offer maximum hydration.
four. immune system of steel. 
Germs are gross. And when you’re busy trying to save the world/shape the minds of our future/write the Great American novel/care for a loved one – ain’t NOBODY got time for germs. Make sure she’s taking care of herself with a vitamin (gummies make me smile) and that she’s got emergen-c on deck for when the ookies start to sneak in.
five. most important meal of the day.
Even if breakfast is consumed while running out the door or while balancing a babe or HECK, in the afternoon; it’s the best way to start the day! Lara bars are awesome for on-the-go (and make good study snacks too) and some Bear Naked Granola would dress up a bowl of yogurt quite nicely.
six. warm feet, warm heart.
Especially as we move into colder months, make sure she’s staying extra cozy! Nothing ups your “comfies” game like a pair of floofy sock slippers. This polka dot pair is freakin’ adorable and these look SO soft.
seven. something to gaze upon.
A little love for her wall is a really sweet (and affordable) addition to your care package. Have a scroll through Etsy to find something to her taste. There are cute animals, lovely landscapes, calming colors, and inspirational quotes. If you’re purchasing just the print you can find tons for under $10. There are even some where you can pay just a buck or two to download and  print yourself. I love the cheerful pop of color on this print and the gentle reminder on this one.
eight. a cup of joe on the house. 
This is just a no-brainer. NO ONE is mad about a Starbucks gift card. Trust.
nine. sugar and spice and everything nice. 
Why are sweet and salty snacks so gosh durn delicious??? An easy way to finish off your package is with your sweet friend’s favorite snack food…which you will know far better than I! But if you’re not sure, you could always go with one of MY favorites like these Justin’s snack packs or the Trader Joe’s chocolate covered almonds.
I hope this helps you send off some goodies to someone who needs their spirits lifted! Spread the love, my loves!!! ❤
What care package items would put a smile on your face? Have you ever received a care package? Ever sent one? Let me know the deets below! 


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