Cultivating a Mindset of Success

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The mind is a powerful tool.

Did you know that people who firewalk claim to use the power of thought to control feelings of pain? Indeed, your brain releases dopamine when you’re in a positive mental space, which deals actively with physical pain. Firewalkers also profess the power of meditation to calm down and achieve the ideal state of consciousness. Essentially, firewalking folks embrace the power of the mind over the body.

Of course, there is a catch… firewalking has a lot more to do with what makes a good heat conductor then what makes a good state of consciousness. The mind may not be able to eliminate third degree burns but firewalking is still a great example of what our brains ARE capable of — crowding out fears, bolstering confidence, and GOING FOR IT.

You see, you can never call yourself a firewalker, unless of course… YOU WALK ACROSS THE FIRE!

But leaving the hot coals behind, let’s consider other success stories we’d love to create with the help of our brain. With over 50% of the population feeling dissatisfied in their jobs, perhaps a successful career is high on your list. Let’s chat about it!

Because your mind can drag you down…

When you leave your mind to its own devices, it can become unreliable. You’ve probably noticed how quickly you forget facts and skills you stop using. Your brain is a muscle and lifelong learning is the best way to give it the exercise it needs to stay fit. 

Additionally, your brain is responsible for your mood, releasing endorphin and serotonin – mood-enhancing hormones – as a response to your surroundings. Unfortunately, during the cold season, the short days, freezing temperatures and overall feeling of fatigue can lead to the winter blues. You can find yourself developing a sensation of sadness if you don’t pay attention to the triggers – in winter, it might be the lack of sunlight, but each situation has different triggers. A negative mood can create barriers to success. 

Because there are things you don’t learn at school…

Your mind is filled with the knowledge you’ve gathered over the years. It’s this knowledge you apply every day at work. But there is a big difference between learning factual data and understanding the strategies that lead to success in a given industry. Networking and on-the-job experience are key for unlocking the latter.

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Because success happens when you stop dreaming about it…

Most people believe that success happens to those who deserve it most. In reality, you need to just start doing the damn thing! Put your mind to it and give your dreams your best effort…instead of dreaming about your best effort. Indeed, success is a conscious decision, not an accident.

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Training your brain to attract success includes creating a strategy to engage the right opportunities, scheduling your time efficiently, and learning from your mistakes.

I can’t guarantee you won’t, at some point, get burned. But your mind is still a powerful tool for creating success in your career. Use it to:

  • stay motivated,
  • keep negativity at bay,
  • gather experience,
  • make better decisions,
  • and plan your progress!

You got this!

How do you use the power of positive thought in your life? Do you consider a mind over matter approach helpful? How do you cultivate a mindset of success?

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