Telltale Signs You’re Going To Be Happy At Work, No Matter What Your Job

When it comes to jobs, the grass always seems to be a little greener on the other side. We see what other people have, and companies offer, and we want a part of it. 

Often, when we finally land the role we think we want, it turns out that it’s no different from the one we had before. 

Wouldn’t it be helpful if there were ways to improve upon your workplace happiness

Interestingly, it turns out that the reward you get from your job doesn’t relate much to the position at all. Instead, it has to do with your attitude. For instance, food service work can be just as enjoyable as running a company or being an artist. 

Does that sound a little strange? Well, it’s true. And in this post, you’re going to find out strategies for increasing workplace happiness. 

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Love The Infinite Detail Of Your Work

People often talk about plateaus in their careers – boundaries that they can’t push past, no matter how long they work. 

Interestingly, though, these glass-ceilings are frequently self-imposed. It’s not that opportunities suddenly run out. It’s just that they’re not pursued. 

Reality is infinite in its complexity. You can take pretty much any role and pick it apart, looking for improvements, efficiencies, and new ways to add value. Even the simplest of tasks present you with ways to improve on a formula or design a new system. 

People who probe their roles deeply are usually the happiest. There’s always a new mountain to climb and something new to do. It applies to both creative and procedural work. Fundamentally, creativity can be applied to any procedure. 

Seek Out Meaning

Another common career bugbear is the idea that your work lacks meaning. Usually, when people say this, they’re comparing their life to those they deem extraordinary – actors, politicians, or even social media influencers. 

Virtually no career that adds value to the lives of others, however, lacks meaning. It’s just a perception. And that’s why people who seek out meaning in what they do are the happiest. They go to work every day, safe in the knowledge that they’re making progress. 

Please note that meaning doesn’t even have to relate to the work itself. It can, in some instances, refer exclusively to the effects that the financial reward brings, like raising a family. Even so, it’s still valuable. 

Love To Grow

People who love to grow are usually happy in new jobs, even when they present them with serious challenges. That’s because resistance creates its own satisfaction. 

Growing as a person is a fun experience. Once you go through it, you feel like you can do things that would have once been way outside your capabilities. 

You also feel like a stronger person – more robust to the pressures of life. 

All jobs – no matter how hard – are a chance to grow. And a lot of people are grateful for the opportunity. It provides them with daily fulfilling experiences that they can cherish long into the future.

Are you happy at work these days? Are there ways you could apply the tips above to increase workplace happiness?

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4 thoughts on “Telltale Signs You’re Going To Be Happy At Work, No Matter What Your Job

  1. I am very self-motivated and I work for myself so I think thats what keeps me happy. I love being able to do what I want.

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