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Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Little Black Dress Edition

So the other night, my friend asked me to go emergency Halloween costume shopping with her. She had received a super last minute invite to a party the NEXT NIGHT. We hauled ass to a Halloween Express and were met with rows upon rows of costume-in-a-bags. Sexy cop. Sexy skeleton. Sexy My Little Pony (with hooves)??? And what will these bags run ya? On average, about sixty bucks. See, it’s not even the “Sexy-insert literally ANYTHING here” that bothers me.
If you wanna be a sexy Teletubby for Halloween then by all means! Express yourself, girlfriend. I just can’t get behind paying a wad of cash for some synthetic materials sewn together in a sweat shop somewhere. And shouldn’t Halloween costumes maintain SOME sort of creativity! Where’s the fun in grabbin’ a bag off a wall?
So when the secret agent and the Navajo and the Top Gun costumes all came up short for my friend, I encouraged her to shop her closet instead. And I encourage everyone else to do the same. Especially as the day draws nearer and you’re scrambling to come up with an idea.
Eventually, my friend thought of a dress she felt amazing in and a killer pair of sparkly shoes already in her closet…and built from there. In the spirit of those steps, I thought it would be fun to highlight a few costume ideas with a Little Black Dress as the starting point. If you’re stumped for costume ideas start there. Think about what other accessories you have at your disposal and what props you could purchase cheaply. This Halloween–don’t break the bank, don’t support weird manufacturing practices, don’t buy something you only plan on wearing once. Instead–be creative, make things easy on yourself. Time is ticking…let’s throw something together!
Anna Wintour If you have a fierce bob, why not rock a big coat and a serious slouch and go as Anna Wintour? Carry around the latest issue of Vogue. Bonus points if you paint the bottoms of your stilettos red!
Devil  Got a pair of impulse purchased fire-engine red kicks in your closet collecting dust? Why not don some horns and a pitchfork and go as the devil! Pair with the smokiest of smoky eyes for that smoldering effect.
Kitty Cat Did you learn how to paint feline faces during your high school’s production of Cats? Did you think you would never get to flex those mad skills ever again? Think again!
Audrey Hepburn This is the quintessential, throw-it-together, LBD costume. And classics become classics for a reason. Can you rock an updo? Then pin a tiara up in there and serve some Breakfast at Tiffany’s realness.
So what do you think? What are you going as for Halloween? Did you plan your costume weeks in advance or are you still wracking your brains? Let me know in the comments below! And I hope this little LBD brainstorm provided at least a little inspiration.
P.S. Tune in Thursday for FOUR MORE last minute LBD costume ideas!