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Top 5 Exterior Trends That Are Shaping Home Style

As if we are living in a cocoon, we tend to think style can only exist inside the home. The exterior be damned! But frankly, the exteriors of our homes are just begging us to come out and play. There is so much opportunity that gets left to the wayside. One of the reasons why we might be reluctant is that we don’t want to mistake that leaves future curb appeal lacking. That’s a good point, but when you have read the following points about exterior trends, you can feel a bit more confident about shaping your outdoor home style.


For a while now, home designers have wanted to merge the outside with the inside of our homes. And their latest answer to this puzzle is simply adding more windows. Rather than a solid wall, homes of the future may be built with multiple windows inside a giant glasshouse frame. Added window installation allows us to look outside, without having to get up off the sofa, to see everything in our garden and or driveways.

Darker tones begone

You know the drill, it’s easier to wear something that is dark than something that’s bright. Dirt doesn’t show up and we don’t have to clean it as much. But for the exterior of the home, darker tones can now be gone, as better and slicker finishes are now available for the cladding. So, beige, cream and white are all back into the fore.

Sparkling clean

A home that just looks clean from the outside, has far more curb appeal, even for homes that don’t have much style. Speak with some of the best window cleaners and talk to them about your needs. They will use a special solution and water pressure squeegee to clean water stains, bird droppings or dirt and debris that gets lodged on the frames.

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Double doors

For a long time, the front door has been just that, ‘a’ door. But the modern trend is to turn our front door into a double door so the opening or entrance to our home is a lot wider. This gives off the image of a grander property and also, makes it more welcoming for guests. Framed doors are also making a comeback. You could have a 3-frame door or even an 8-frame double door. 

The porch

Have you noticed how homes kind of look bald without a porch? A little shaded place where you can sit, and enjoy your front yard is something many of us yearn for. Thankfully, home designers are championing the porch once more, advising homeowners to create their own porch in whatever style they see fit. The classic American porch is the most popular, because it’s easy to build and is a melting pot of styles.

The exteriors of our homes can be a style haven for our creativity to shine from. These are just some of the trends that are occurring right now, but do you have any of your own ideas about what would make a home’s curb appeal rise?