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Tech Gifts: Reader or Tablet?

And we’re rounding out our 3-part Tech Gift series with one more post brought to you by Chet. Hopefully he can help you answer this  question…
Tech Gifts: Reader or Tablet?



Tablets are pretty great, all-around computing devices. Tablets have exploded in popularity in recent years and there are tons of available options like the iPad and iPad mini, though these are admittedly pricey. There are also a growing number of very affordable tablets. Caution! Most budget tablets (with too good to be true pricing) aren’t worth purchasing. They are underpowered and likely won’t let you run a lot of the best apps around. Fortunately, there are some solid options that won’t break the bank and get you a really great experience. Amazon has been something of a breakout player in the tablet market over the past few years. Though they are new to the game, they have developed some really great tablets. The Kindle is still setting the standard for virtually every other e-reader. It’s certainly the top choice for a book lover, but won’t do much beyond reading, so if you want to play games, watch movies, listen to music, or get some work done, you’ll want a full-feature tablet.

Amazon also makes a line of full-feature tablets, the Fire HDX line that comes in a 7 inch and 8.9 inch flavor. The 7 inch tablet is under 200 dollars, easy to hold in one hand (perfect for any kind of reading or web browsing), and has access to lots of great apps. There are also older models available for purchase through Amazon. They might be older, but they certainly aren’t bad products. Amazon usually sells these for deep discount, especially around the holidays, so you might be able to score a great tablet at a fantastic price.

So, what do you think readers? Will you be gifting anyone with a set of headphones? What about a streaming stick? Tablets and readers more your style? Thank you to my boyfriend, Chet, for filling us in on some worthy tech options for the holiday season. I’m so lucky to have him around as my go-to tech guru and I’m glad we got to pass along a little of his knowledge to you guys! Thanks for reading and tune in tomorrow for my Mid-week Round-up and on Thursday LET THE GIFT GUIDES COMMENCE! 

Tech Gifts: For Holiday Binge Watching Sessions

 Chet is back today to bring you some more great tech gift ideas! Perhaps a little something to add to that Cyber Monday shopping list…

tech gifts: binge watching

Noticing sluggish performance in that Roku player? Smaller electronics are undergoing a kind of renaissance at the moment as mobile processors (the kind powering your smartphone) are getting massive performance boosts. This means your streaming box may be trying to run 2014 software on a 2013 platform. Normally, this hasn’t been much of an issue, but those advances mean noticeable performance degradation year over year. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay top dollar for a newer, faster streaming option. The trend now is the streaming stick, a very small Roku-type device that plugs directly into your tv. Roku offers a 50 dollar option, but it hasn’t been updated in a while and there are more affordable options this holiday season. The Google Chromecast is a 30 dollar streaming stick that plays Netflix, Hulu Plus, Youtube, the Google Play services, Crackle, and more. At 30 dollars, that’s the best bargain streaming stick on the market, though it doesn’t come with a remote. Instead, it uses a smartphone or tablet as a controller, which may be a little inconvenient, especially if your phone doesn’t get great battery life.

The newest product in this category is the Amazon Fire TV Stick. At 40 dollars, it’s slightly more expensive than the Chromecast, but does come with a remote. The Fire Stick also sports a blazing fast dual-core processor and more memory than any other stick on the market, translating to very snappy performance.

Thanks for the great info, Chet! Tomorrow we’ll bring you one more round of tech gift ideas so stay tuned! Have you guys started your Christmas shopping yet? Completely done? Did you take part in Black Friday? What about Small Business Saturday. Let me know in the comments below! 

Tech Gifts: For the Music Lover

In honor of Black Friday, I thought I’d kick off a series of guest posts by Chet! He’ll be sharing some great tech gift ideas that may be the perfect purchase for someone on your list. First up, a little info on headphones…

Tech Gifts: music lovers


Still using those earbuds that came with your phone? It might be time an upgrade. Buying headphones can be a pretty overwhelming experience. Beats by Dre have really caused an explosion in headphone sales, not to mention driving up the cost of a pair (though not necessarily the quality). Protip: Beats aren’t very good headphones for the price. 200-300 dollars can get you a mighty fine pair of headphones for the audiophile in your life, like these gorgeous AKG 701s that will blow a pair of beats out of the water in sound, comfort, and performance.

You also don’t have to spend a lot of money on quality headphones. For instance, the Audio Technica m30x is a great pair of headphones for a good price. My headphones travel everywhere with me, and they tend to take a beating from being tossed around, so I don’t typically pay top dollar for a pair of cans. Luckily, there are still a few great choices for the budget buyer. These Panasonic Over-ear Monitors have great sound for the price (can’t beat the looks, either!). An oldie but goodie, the Koss Portapro also delivers fantastic performance for the price, though the style may turn some people off (Fun Fact: these headphones debuted in the 1980s and were so highly reviewed that Koss decided to stick with the design to this day).

So what do you think? Who is getting a pair of headphones for Christmas? Thanks so much, Chet!