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Weekend Uniforms: Dressy, Casual, and In the Middle

I’m all about easy-livin’ on weekends. Laying on the couch with a novel, lots of coffee, movie marathons with my love. If I didn’t have to get dressed at all on weekends I’d probably be really into that.
But occasions do arise in which one must leave the comfort of their comforter and their crime documentaries. Birthday parties, brunch dates, TRADER JOE’S…oh my! Why use your time (and your brain cells) on closet conundrums when there’s all this fun to be had outside the house?!
Enter Weekend Uniforms. Or a few “outfit equations” that can get you through the bulk of your most common weekend activities. Use them as a framework and insert the pieces you love and have on hand. Here are 3…

Weekend Uniform: Dressy

Weekend Uniform: Dressy
  • For a fancy work event, dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday, or a concert followed by drinks at your favorite bar…
  • Slip on a slinky dress and your favorite pair of heels. Give your look some edge with a biker or bomber jacket. Bring along your trusty, structured bag. Add a bangle. Make a statement with a fierce cocktail ring.
  • Finish off the look with a good coverage foundation, a swipe of your favorite lipstick, and a buttery nail color. Spritz on something dark and moody. Hit the town!

Weekend Uniform: Casual

Weekend Uniform: Casual
  •  For grocery shopping, tinkering around in your backyard, or long lazy walks with the pup through your ‘hood…
  • Throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans and your favorite statement tee. Stay comfortable in a pair of white converse. Track your steps with your fitness tracker (even lazy Saturdays add miles!).  Add a dainty necklace and make sure to have your favorite reusable bags on hand.
  • Finish off the look with sunscreen and a lip-balm. Use a sporty, natural deodorant (that’s quickly become a cult favorite). Get. shiz. done!

Weekend Uniform: In the Middle

Weekend Uniform: In the Middle
  • For brunch somewhere quaint, boutique shopping with your bestie, or a flick at the indie theater…
  • You can trick passers-by into thinking you exerted a lot of effort this morning. In truth, jersey dress + big earrings + messy bun. Grab a jean jacket in case you get chilly and strap on a pair of fun sandals. Add a chic watch and a cross-body bag.
  • Finish off the look with an after-sun spray, a clean-smelling scent, and a little dry shampoo. Go for a bold lip, if you dare. Mimosas, anyone?
How do you spend YOUR weekends? Which uniform would suit your style best? 
P.S. Feeling fashion-y? Here’s how to choose a style a barometer.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Winter Capsule Wardrobe

As you may know, I LOVE a good capsule wardrobe. Inspired by Project 333, I decided to spend my rainy, lazy Sunday morning putting together a dream winter wardrobe. Under the guidelines of Project 333, you choose 33 pieces to wear for 3 months–not including underwear, loungewear/pj’s or sportswear. I think technically you’re supposed to include jewelry in the 33 items but I chose to leave those out. I focused on pieces that were easy to layer and would all work well with each other. There are mix and match options for casual outings, professional meetings and even a holiday party or two! I don’t personally own any of these clothes ( I would like to! As I said, this is definitely a DREAM winter wardrobe.) but I believe this could be a great guideline if you’re feeling inspired to live with less and would like to shop your closet for a stream-lined look in the coming season. Enjoy! ❤

little black dress.

sweater dress.

colorful cashmere.

chambray shirt.

plaid flannel button-up.

white long-sleeve.

cowl neck sweater.

aztec print cardigan.

dainty tee.

gray tee.

winter coat.

collarless blazer.

parka with faux fur hood.

quilted vest.

chiffon maxi skirt.

denim skinny jeans.

coated jeans.

black skinny jeans.


wellington rain boots.

leopard print slip-on sneakers.

new balance trainers.

black booties.

ankle boots.

herschel backpack.

professional purse.

leather handbag.

pop-of-color clutch.

warm wool scarf.

chunky knit beanie.

circle scarf.

driving gloves.

silk blouse.