mid-week round-up


I hope everyone had a fantastic Mardi Gras! What are your plans for the rest of the week? Today is technically day one of my weekend…but then I have to go back to work tomorrow and take weekend day two on Friday. Weird, but in the end perfect, as it’s my Mom’s birthday on Friday! Have a killer week, and here are a few Internet gems for your mid-week enjoyment. Give ’em a click, if you’d like!

For those of you in doubt: a powerful message from my dude, Ira.

No cocks needed in her cockpit. ; )

What’s your favorite position? Lauren Conrad’s response is perfection.

What’s next for Wikipedia?

A transplanted Louisiana-native reflects on Katrina and the city of New Orleans.

I know some Mamas in need of this story. 

In response to your Pinterest fit-spiration boards.

A son interviews his mother. Warning: tearjerker.

Quiz: Which gay icon should you go to brunch with? I got Dolly Parton because OBVI.

And in news from my great Commonwealth, here is Attorney General Jack Conway’s statement on Judge Heyburn’s same-sex marriage ruling–

(Does it sound to anyone else like it was his wife who was the voice of reason on this? Kudos Elizabeth Conway!)


2 thoughts on “mid-week round-up

  1. Awesome mid-week round up!! I was really impressed with Jack Conway’s speech. I’m not politically active, but when he runs for Governor in 2015 he will have my vote.

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