mid-week round-up


Hello lovelies! What have you been up to this week? Monday night, in celebration of the warm front, I grabbed drinks with a few friends after work. We got a bucket of seasonal SUMMER beer and even sat out on the patio for a little bit. Yesterday, I had to go to some job training (complete with many poorly acted educational videos) but the commute to and fro with the sun shinin’ and all my windows rolled down totally made it a-ok! I even squeezed in a walk around my neighborhood at sunset. Life’s possibilities seem endless to me when the weather is warm! ….We just won’t mention the fact that my weather app said it was supposed to snow today….that can’t be true, right? I hope the rest of your week is full of the promises of Spring and here are a few links just for you!

Scenes from Wisconsin. (I love the last photo with the lawn chairs arranged around a fire-pit!)

Tips for when you forget a name.


Happy birthday, Internet.

This dude is totally a “FIND DELIGHT” inspiration.

Mark Twain’s recommended reading.

Disturbing study on police perception of black youths.

What side of this debate are you on?

This song on repeat today. Every band should do lil acoustic covers (featuring a kazoo) on film in their car…because I love it.

AND…an adorable post over on my sister’s blog about our love of hiking!

Love y’all! This blog has been such a fun adventure so far and I really appreciate all your kind words and support! I sure do know some awesome people. : )

P.S. Sending love to East Harlem today. ❤


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