mid-week round-up


I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far! It seems as though this back and forth weather nonsense has a lot of people feeling ooky, so I hope you’re taking care of yourselves. I’ve been popping zinc like crazy just in case. : ) In other news, HUGE congratulations to the Western Kentucky University Forensics Team for winning the International Forensics Association tournament in Paris, France. Go Tops!

Now, enjoy some link love on me and have a magnificent day. ❤

A reminder to professors: We need you!

A school you’ve probably never heard of. (I can’t wait to read this book.)

A recipe for Irish Soda Bread because I bought some for the holiday and now I can’t get enough.

This short video says so much with no words at all.

A tiny home in a dome!

New photo project gives cameras to food stamp recipients.

Whimsical French bookstore.

And one more from Nicholas Kristof because I love him.

Think twice about your voluntourism.

Japanese travel tips for visiting America–all of the LOLZ. “They tend to horse laugh, even the women.” : )



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