mid-week round-up


Hello dolls! I don’t know about you but my throat and sinuses have spent the last week revolting against the pollen count and weather fluctuations. Argh! Not to mention, it SNOWED yesterday AND I was at work ’til after midnight. Double argh. Luckily, I have an exciting staycation planned starting on Friday with special guest star, Chet. I can’t wait!!! Posting may be a bit intermittent and slowed so bear with me. I shall catch you up on all the hikes, food, events and bourbon as quick as I can. And in the mean time, you can follow me on Twitter here and Instagram here, if you’d like. Happy Spring, Happy NFA, Happy Easter! ❤ Now on to the links…

Could you go one month without your phone?

Chia seeds are basically magic.

Lisa See, author of “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan,” has a new book coming out in June!

An oral history of Nickelodeon show, “All That.” (In case you weren’t feeling old already today, this show first aired 20 years ago!)

Real advice on marrying smart.

A father communicates with his autistic son through Disney. (Warning: Longform tear-jerker.)

Parents are nerds too!

Yep, this is a pretty great trailer. Can’t wait for this movie!

Inside a woman’s mind during a Target trip.

The President’s journey to same-sex “I do’s.”

I have a crush on this apartment.

An American folk artist paints a mountain.

P.S. New feature! I finally realized setting these links to open in a new tab would make this round-up thing a whole lot more fun and navigable. Duh! Hope it helps. : )

P.P.S. Have a lovely rest of your day and thanks for reading my little corner of the interwebs. It sure means a lot to me.


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