mid-week round-up


What are you up to this week? I’m hoping to spend as much time outside as possible (and maybe find time for some margaritas and a trip to the dollar theater to see…the Lego movie : ). Summer break have you twiddling your thumbs already? How about some stay-cation inspiration or a vicarious adventure through this great book! Have a wonderful week. Here are some links for you to check out…

A fun and informative biology lesson.

This school thinks leggings are lowering boys’ test scores.

How to set up a little free library in your ‘hood.

Baby seals just wanna snuggle.

Seaworld’s whales are struggling with mental health issues.

Should we get rid of deceptively precise SAT scores?

This story made me laugh. (and reminded me of something Adam and I might do.)

Could these be the hardest languages to master?

A ship sailing through loopholes in international law.

Support cottage industries! 

Just stay home.

Happy National Vegetarian Week! Here are 15 simple recipes if you’d like to celebrate by going meat free. : )

…and now it is time to rhythmically move your hips in celebration of the upcoming 2014 World Cup. Nothing says “We Are One” like J.Lo and flags!!!


2 thoughts on “mid-week round-up

  1. Obviously, I love the humans meet animal mating rituals link. We learned about a few of those examples in detail in my evolution class, which makes me wonder if the proff has seen this link. Also, I’ll be super interested to follow this Sea World story as it develops. I wonder if they can prove that whales are only getting these drugs infrequently. Great round-up!

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