mid-week round-up


Happy Wednesday!!! As I type, we have a sausage and collards dish hanging out in the crockpot and let me tell you–the apartment smells amazing. I’m so ready to dig in (and to pair the meal with another epi of OITNB). Maybe after that I will tend to my plants. A few days ago, Chet surprised me with the cutest watering can IN THE WORLD. It is shaped like a bee (!!!) and looks all vintagey and adorable. Kind of in ❤ with it. Do y’all have any big plans for the weekend? We are brainstorming something fun to do during the day on Friday. But Saturday shall take the cake as I get to be in the trenches with my favorite photographer, Carrie, and help her shoot a local wedding. (Check out this wedding at Talon Vineyard I helped her with last year–it was a blast!) Beyond excited to get to see my photog-friend…she lives much too far away! Anywho, have a good one my loves. And enjoy these links…

The inner-child in me who was dragged to WAY too many museums deeply appreciates these snapchats.

Sometimes highschool students can be awesome.

Get to reading…so you can have the privilege of saying “the book was better, you guys.”

This dude seems fun.

A changing world for the starving artist.

The Pullout Generation. 

How guilty are you of this fantastic form of guilty pleasure?

My co-op gettin’ some press love.

One of my heroes and ultimate HBIC in a sari–Navdanya’s Blog.

A rad adventurer urban explores in Northern Ireland.


2 thoughts on “mid-week round-up

  1. 70 of 200. Apparently the 90s was the prime period of my Romantic Comedy watching. Makes sense…middle/high school. As Good as it Gets is still one of my favorite films!

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