Picturesque Fruit Plates.

Happy 4th of July, y’all! If you’re headed out to a family BBQ, neighborhood block party or hosting a get together with friends this holiday weekend and NOT feeling like devoting a lot of time in a hot kitchen, this lazy-girl has got you covered. Go grab some fruit from the grocery and get to slicing…with a little bit of creative arranging you can serve up a dish that’s gonna look JUST impressive enough that everyone will forget you didn’t actually bring the green bean casserole you originally signed on for. WHOOPS! Change of plans, kittens….BUT LOOK, this dish is in the shape of A FLAG! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Added bonus: produce is cheap (especially in the Summer) and something like this is gonna be far healthier for guests to mindlessly nibble away at all night.

Look how pretty this is…and SO ready for munchin’…and looks like it would transport pretty seamlessly…


kebabs version…


and with cheese…fruitandcheese

Looking for the less obvious choice in plating? How about a little tropical escape…


or over the rainbow realness…


I hope everyone has a safe, fun-filled and fantastic fourth! Grill up some burgers, light a sparkler, run around in a sprinkler…let me know how you celebrated in the comments below.


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