mid-week round-up


Half-way there check-in, readers! How’s it going? What’s new? I started a new position on Monday, and last night I watched my weekly dose of The Wire with friends (and had some Country Boy Brewing Cougar Bait lol). Also, if you’re looking for something fun and free to do this weekend, head on out to the Clark Family Farms on Saturday for the Follow  the Food Farm Tour–featuring farm exploration, live Bluegrass music and local products available for purchase. Oh, and ME in the Good Foods tent. : ) Very in the spirit of this post. Hope you have a delightful week, and here are some mid-week internet gems…

Ever “discover” something that wasn’t really new?

What development can mean for our natural wonders.

For when you’re craving something sweet.

Excommunicating women.

Futuristic farming in Japan.

Well this certainly makes my blood boil.

I love a good themed activity.

Terrible. Super police work, LAPD.

Books can solve anything…even PMS!

Plans are in the works for a “pay-what-you-can” community restaurant in Danville, KY.

What your rental dollars can get ya.

Feels like an homage to this summer! (So long KY Summer. See ya next year!)


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