mid-week round-up


What are you guys up to this week? With a new position (and new hours), I’ve been attempting to flip my schedule. While, in the end, I think it will be a fantastic change of pace, the past week has been trial-and-error in terms of finding effective sleep, eat, and work-out times. I consider myself a roll with the punches, flexible gal but in the end routines just make things so much easier. I am absolutely loving my new gig, though! What about y’all? Any big, new changes for you this season? I’d love to hear! Anywho, thanks so much for dropping by Finding Delight this week, and here are some posts I’ve recently taken a shine to…

Speaking of routines and jobs

Radio silence in the social media age.

This would jazz up any long car trips you may have planned.

Hero to former pre-teen girls everywhere.

Oh how things have changed–Dining Out Edition.

Would you book tiny accommodations for your next trip?

This list has me amped for Fall! I wanna tick all the boxes.

Uuuugh tabloids are the worst.


Thinking ahead for those nights you don’t feel like cooking.

A beautifully written piece on the music and myth of Bob Dylan.

There are definitely days when I miss my flip phone.


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