mid-week round-up

sneakers on the pier

Hey friends! What are you up to this week? If you’re on the East Coast I hope you’re ensconced in covers and have plenty of wine tucked in your cupboards! I recently checked out a new dinner spot that I would highly recommend if you’re around these parts, and Monday was free Chipotle day! Did your Chipotle run out of free sofritas, too? It sounds like they weren’t prepared for such a positive response. Never under-estimate the power of free burritos, people! I’ve also downloaded a new app that I’m excited to tell you guys about at some point. : ) Hope you have a good week, stay safe out there, and providing you’re weathering the storm with an Internet connection…

Urban renewal in Lexington begets some hip establishments.

You can learn a lot about a nation by taking a peak at their soldiers’ ration kits.

Stumbling upon an abandoned town in the Smokies.

Dogs of the world! 

It’s NEVER not a good idea to live tweet idiots being idiots.

Amazon’s 100 books to read in a lifetime.

Book deal differences.

Supernormal stimuli.

Text convo with Euclid Kroger.

A new musical. (!!!)

Finland’s famous baby boxes.

Turning 9 pieces into 9 outfits.

P.S. Apartment inspiration and a thrilling page-turner.



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