Let’s take off in the RV on a magical adventure…

If you had THIS RV for the next month (without any obligations and TONS of paid time off, of course) …




…where would you go? I’d love to travel along the coast of California or explore Denver. Maybe I’d visit my siblings down South or head to Vermont! What about you?! Wouldn’t you LOVE to call this place home for a few weeks?


2 thoughts on “Let’s take off in the RV on a magical adventure…

  1. I can’t believe you wrote a post about an RV and didn’t reference one of our favorite television programs from when we were in middle school and high school. I’m talking about that timeless classic Road Rules.

    1. You’re right, that was a terrible oversight on my part! Addendum: A potential journey in this RV would involve re-tracing the route of the cast of Road Rules: Northern Trail. Now THAT would be a fun road trip.

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