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Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to Tampa to see my sister star in, Full, an amazing musical which she also wrote and produced! Katie played a high-school girl grappling with recent tragedy, young love, and her own demon’s brought to life right in front of the audience’s eyes. After several readings created a lot of buzz, Jobsite Theater presented the WORLD PREMIERE of the show at the Straz Center of Performing Arts in downtown Tampa. The result? A beautifully acted and expertly staged presentation of an honest, well-written script.

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As any proud sister would, I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s thoughts on the show and it’s impact. Here are three lovely quotes:

Michael Canon Henry (writer): “Ms. Berger has an open, expressive face that makes her wonderful for all sorts of roles (in my book, at least; I’m not a theater critic). Of course, she’s good mostly because she works at it.”

Molly Miller (mother): “I saw Full. the musical. last night. What an amazing show! from the opening line to the very end it caught me, and held me. As the mother of a teen age daughter I was especially delighted with the authenticity of the dialogue. A beautiful and heartbreaking story. I can count on one hand the number of times I have cried in a theater, and 2 of them were last night. The song lyrics were spot on with the production, and the actors had amazing voices. Each and every character was cast perfectly, so meshed into their roles that I actually felt more like a voyeur than an audience for a lot of the show.”

Broadway World: “I recommend Berger keep writing and exploring the musical genre because she’s a strong, intriguing songwriter with an interesting, twisted world view. And she has a keen ear for snappy dialogue. She may be known for being a local performer, but now she’s become something else: a real writer.”

Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with the world, Katie! Your story is so important and you bring delight to us all! I was lucky to see this first staging but I can’t wait to see where else this show will take you.

P.S. I love this shot of my mom and I with Katie after her show…

family pic full

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P.P.S. Check out the official website for Full the Musical HERE and enter your email for a FREE download of one of the tracks from the show!


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