Recipe: The perfect appetizer for Autumn.

fried pickles graphic

I’m not someone who is easily seduced by the “Appetizers” section on menus. Unless you’re gonna bring me a free basket of tortilla chips with salsa, I’d rather save my dough (and my appetite) for the main event. However! Every girl has exceptions…and this girl’s is fried pickles. Oh my word, if I see those glorious two words on a menu, I just can’t resist placing an order. Served hot, with all that briny flavor packed into a crisp coating, I feel like they’re the perfect treat around this time of year. Football season, Fall festivals, cozy nights in with friends; all cultivate memories of super flavorful, bite sized noms. In an effort to achieve this nostalgic Fall-time taste AND make my favorite appetizer indulgence a little bit less guilt-ridden, I went to work on a batch of “fried” pickles. Now, full disclosure, these are a tad time intensive to make (you have to coat each. tiny. pickle.) but I promise the result is well worth it…especially if you’ve got any pickle fans in your household! Order up!


What you’ll need…

– 1 jar of pickles

– 2 eggs

– 1/3 cup of flour

– 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce

– 1 tsp hot sauce (I used Tabasco)

– 1 tsp garlic powder

– 1 tsp Cajun seasoning

– 1 tsp black pepper

– 1 cup of bread crumbs

– cooking spray

and how it all comes together…

– Turn on oven broiler and set it to high.

– In a medium bowl, mix together flour and eggs. Next, add in Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, garlic powder, Cajun seasoning, and pepper. Combine well.

– Pour your bread crumbs out on a plate.

– Set a rack on a baking sheet and spray it down with non-stick cooking spray. You should now have a little assembly line in front of you on your counter consisting of bowl with egg mixture, plate with bread crumbs, and rack on baking sheet.

– Dip each pickle into the egg mixture and then coat it with bread crumbs. Aim for full coverage!

– Place the coated pickles on to the rack as you go. Neat little rows will be nice here in a moment.

– Put the whole kit and caboodle in your oven on the middle rack.

– Broil for 3 minutes. Then, take them out and use tongs to flip each pickle over (this is where those neat rows come in handy). Pop ’em back in the oven and broil for another 3 minutes.

– Take the pickles back out and arrange on a plate. Serve them up hot with a side of ranch for dipping! Enjoy! 


What’s your favorite snack to munch on during football games and autumn events? Do you have a go-to tailgating recipe? Leave it below! Hope you have an amazing FALL WEEKEND! 


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