Repetitive eating.

repetive eating

I’m fascinated by stories about repetitive eating. Like the dude who ate Chipotle at least once per day for nearly 200 days. Or the guy who ate pretty much nothing but Olive Garden for seven straight weeks (and enjoyed it!). I’m all for a good food ritual — like going to the same spot for brunch every Saturday morning or always cooking up spaghetti on Thursday evenings. I even ordered a bagel sandwich for dinner pretty much every Monday night for probably close to a year. But some people just take it to the extreme…and their stories make me curious. What restaurant would you willingly eat 100 meals at over the course of 100 days? Is there a fast food chain you would return to every day for a whole month?! I think I could make it work at one of those non-chain Mexican restaurants but anything else would be tough. And I ESPECIALLY don’t think I could stomach fast food for an extended period of time.

Kinda makes you want to eat IN tonight, doesn’t it?


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