The Christmas Tag


Let’s talk Christmas!

My friend Ashley, from Deep Curves Ahead, asked me to participate in this Christmas themed tag and share a bit about my holiday traditions. Check out her post, read through my answers, and leave a few of your own Christmas facts in the comments below! Happy Holidays!!!

  • Favorite Christmas Film? Last year, Chet and I went on a Christmas movie watching spree! We watched everything from The Santa Clause to Love Actually and everything in between. My favorite probably goes to Home Alone or The Muppet Christmas Carol. As for Christmas Specials, I love Charlie Brown! And all the old claymation Christmas movies just take me right back to childhood.
  • Ever had a white Christmas? I remember a few growing up. I’m currently, however, experiencing the warmest holiday season of my life down here in Miami. (I went to the beach on Saturday and have the weird tan lines to prove it!)
  • Where do you usually spend your holiday? I typically spend Christmas with my immediate family in Lexington, KY. This year Chet and I will be heading to Louisiana for our holiday R & R. We can’t wait!!!


  • Favorite Christmas song? I will always and forever contend that Diamonds by Rihanna is my favorite Christmas song. Although I also enjoy all the Christmas songs in Home Alone. Sidenote: My Favorite Things from the musical Sound of Music is NOT a Christmas song. Diamonds?  Yes. My Favorite Things? No. Got it?
  • Is your tree real or fake? Fake. We upgraded to a 7 foot tree this year (Thanks Target sale!) and I love it. Here are a few of my favorite ornaments…

ornament 1 ornament 2ornament 3 ornament 4ornament 5 ornament 6ornament 7

  • Best Christmas gift you’ve ever received? Ahhh! So hard! I’ve been spoiled with so many wonderful presents over the years. As a kid the Playmobil Dollhouse probably takes the cake (although I remember getting strangely jacked about a can of Tinker Toys…even though the gift tag was made out to me AND my siblings which, anyone with brothers and sisters knows, is sometimes a recipe for disaster). Last year Chet gave me a computer he built himself which still blows my mind.


  • All-time favorite holiday food? My mom makes a cheese-ball that I could, no lie, eat in one sitting…if I wanted to and had enough Ritz crackers to spread it on. (I would pay the consequence for that much dairy. Alas!) I also love all the cookies my grandma used to make, especially Peanut Blossoms. Yum! 


  • What made you realize the truth about Santa? As with most things I don’t really need to find out but end up doing so anyways, I found out the truth about Santa from snooping. I happened upon a receipt from a toy store and thought “Hmmmm….wonder what was purchased for MOI at this establishment…” On Christmas morning the toy I saw listed on the receipt was under the tree…but it said it was from Santa, not my parents. It didn’t take long for me to put two and two together after that.
  • What makes the holidays special for you? The holidays offer a much-needed chance to slow down  and simply enjoy quality time with your loved ones. This opportunity to re-connect is so special to me. I love making memories with the ones I love during the Christmas season.
  • What’s better, giving or receiving presents? Giving! I love shopping for others–contemplating the perfect purchases and anticipating their reactions. So fun!



How do YOU celebrate Christmas? Share below! I hope you ALL are having a wonderful holiday season. 



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