A Quick Catch-Up!


Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day so far. Wow, the past few days have certainly had highs and lows! From Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday (an ominous entrance , in front of a small crowd, with a low-hanging tie, and in-DAH-stree.) to the Women’s Marches held over the weekend (on every continent, with lots of famous folks, bad-ass signs, and solidarity). I’m choosing to focus on the highs.

My social media feeds are full-to-bursting with posts documenting participation in the peaceful protests of the past weekend. I am honored to know these people and their images give me much-needed hope, drive, and clarity about what our future can look like if we continue to use this fire-in-our-bellies. If we keep showing up and calling and donating and GRABBING BACK.

Keep fighting,  y’all. Sending a big hug to all my marchers! (And to all the folks having to patiently explain why the word “pussy” is, in fact, a totally appropriate and topical choice to include on a protest sign/Facebook post….I SEE YOU!)

(Photo by David Mosher for Business Insider.)


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