Lexington Eats: Where + What

Where and what to eat in Lexington, KY

Hello friends! Today, I thought it might be fun to share what I ate on my whirlwind trip to Lexington, KY. In case you’re new ’round these parts, Lexington is where I was born and raised and, after a 7-year stint in Bowling Green, where I lived until our recent move to Miami. This might explain my particular brand of homesickness…a longing for the tastes of home! While my mom and I were unsure of whether we’d be able to pack in all my culinary desires (both in terms of time AND stomachs), I’d say we did a pretty fine job!

margaritas at Mi Pequena Hacienda Lexington, KY

Mi Pequeña Hacienda – We kicked off my 2-day visit with an arrival celebration most-appropriate–Mexican food and margs. Our original restaurant choice was tragically unavailable (It had closed down for good just a few days prior. RIP.), but we rallied. Luckily, Lexington has tons of great Mexican restaurants. Many of which have been around since my childhood.

Whole Foods hot bar lunch

Whole Foods Lexington – The next day, as we tooled around the city running errands and stopping in favorite locations (I even made my mom do a drive-by of my old apartment building, lol), I couldn’t resist checking out the brand new Whole Foods. Holy Moly! Hot bars on hot bars on hot bars. Plus pizza, deli options, salad bars, and desserts galore. Yowzas! I loaded up a plate (the Indian food always gets me at WF…it just smells so good!) and we headed outside to the awesome patio. Such a nice step up from the outdoor dining at the old location. I made sure to stock up on baked goods on the way out.

The Oasis Lexington, KY

The Oasis – That evening, my mom had to teach a class downtown, so we grabbed dinner to-go and I tagged along to hang out in her office. (I meant to use the time wisely and get work done but I ended up talking on the phone to a friend the whole time. Whoops!) I had the chicken shawarma sandwich with sides of rice and hummus. IDK how Oasis makes their rice but I literally have never had ANY that compares. Same with the hummus, tbh. If your’e ever in the area, def do yourself a favor and check this place out.

red beans and rice from Alfalfas in Lexington, KY

Alfalfa – Alfalfa is a Lexington staple that’s been around my whole life. Recently, it acquired new owners, and since I’ve been following the saga from afar, I was eager to check out the change for myself. I was so happy to see that it was the same ol’ Alfalfas (with minor menu changes for the better!) and I ordered up my fave — red beans and rice, cabbage salad, and a cold bottle of Ale-8.

homemade vegan pizza

Homemade Pizza – Finally, we decided to give eating out a rest for my final evening. My mom can veganize ANYTHING (AND make it taste delicious to non-vegans like me) and asked what I would like. Well, since it was the high holy day better known as “Pizza Friday”…I think you know what was in order. One pizza she topped with fajita veggies and black beans; the other with soy-rizo, corn, and green chiles. YUM!

Have you ever been to Lexington, KY? What were your favorite dining experiences while there? Share below!!!

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2 thoughts on “Lexington Eats: Where + What

  1. I’ve never been to Kentucky ( Even with it being so close to VA!) but I have heard amazing things about Lexington. I’m glad you had such a great trip home!

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