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Ballet dreams.


The ballet world is simultaneously beautiful and brutal. It’s dancers are nails-tough. Did you ever dance? I took ballet from the time I was itty-bitty all the way through my freshman year of college and have the terrible knees, cracking ankles, and hip turnout to prove it. Not to mention, I still find buns to be the most effective and classic, no-nonsense hairstyle. Ha!

Ballet is magical! If you agree, you may want to check out the following…

Here are a few Instagram accounts–

Ballerina Project

Celestin Boutin

Adrian Mitchell

Melissa Chapski

Chelsy Meiss

As well as a “day in the life” interview with Anna Tsygankova, a ballerina at Het Nationale Ballet who trained at The Bolshoi!


I’ve loved delving into the worlds of real-life dancers ever since I was in elementary school and checked this book out from the library over and over again. The discipline, grace, and passion of professional ballerinas is such wonderful inspiration!

(Top photo via here, bottom photo via The National Ballet of Canada.)

Last Minute LBD Halloween Costumes pt. 2

Halloween Costumes pt. 2
Halloween is tomorrow!!! You better get to styling! Here are four more costume ideas you could create with your favorite little black dress:
Bank Robber This one could come together even if you left costume decisions to the last half hour. If you want, take the bit extra far and see how many things you can swipe at the party as you sneak about. (Give them back at the end of the night of course.)
Hermione Granger Harry and Hermione are totally back in the news thanks to their public feminism (score!) so this costume is pop culturally relevant for another year!
Frida Kahlo Who wouldn’t love to have these Frida accessories to wear in their REGULAR repertoire…well, not the unibrow. A gorgeous flower crown, colorful scarf and some funky espadrilles and you’ll be right out of a portrait!
Ballerina This one is all in the severe bun and stick straight posture. Tie your shoes with ribbon up your calf. Don’t know how to affix ribbon to shoes? Rock leg warmers instead! Tie a pretty scarf around your waist for some extra prima ballerina flair.
Oh, and if you missed ’em…here are the first four LBD costume ideas. Which of the 8 would you choose?