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What are you watching?

nurse jackie gif

Hey guys! What have you been watching lately? We’re about to start the final season of Nurse Jackie. The first season initially made me wary. (Is this show just trying to be Weeds? Why watch a hospital drama that only delves deeply into one character?) But somewhere in the midst of the second season I found myself hooked. Turns out, the show is wildly addicting, veers off the Weeds formula fairly quickly, and has many lovable characters. Zoey (pictured above in the bunny scrubs) is my spirit animal.

Edie Falco stars as Nurse Jackie, a skilled nurse with a penchant for pills. She lies, steals, and bamboozles. She hurts her loved ones. But you end up rooting for her anyways.

The show is witty, smart and unpredictable. Anyway, the whole series is streaming on Netflix, and I’d highly recommend it.

nurse jackie gif 2

Now share what YOU are watching in the comments below! xoxo