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mid-week round-up

dock house

How was your weekend, my loves? We had a fantastic out-of-town visitor for ours and, despite a never-ending thunderstorm on Saturday which kept us from the beach, managed to show off Miami’s warm weather with a few, quick outdoor adventures as well as enjoy a tiny umbrella clad cocktail. (We also ate our weight in Cuban food at Sergio’s and bounced off the wall for a solid hour after downing a glass of Cafe Bombon.) With just a few more days until we head out of town for the holidays, I’m planning on wrapping Christmas presents tonight. Hope your week is grand, and here’s a quick play-by-play of my most recent internet activity…

Racially and ethnically diverse communities often lack equal access to eating disorder treatments.

I listened to this podcast last night on my friend Adam‘s recommendation. Act One is a MUST LISTEN.

Books to read this winter, if you’re in need of some reading list additions.

Why not make a few DIY gifts to hand out this holiday season?

Feeling like shit? Here are 15 easy things that might help.

Wow! Food prep goals.

After the last detective leaves, who shows up to clean up the crime scene? 

The weirdest (but cutest?) addition to your next tea party.

The first editorial to be featured on The New York Times’ front page since 1920.

Love and co-habitation.

Consider making your own! 

Have you been to any of these popular bars?

P.S. Have you read yesterday’s guest post? What are you waiting for? Go give it some love! ❤