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Recipe: Apple Pie Oatmeal


Today, I thought I’d share a really simple crock-pot recipe that you can make with items you may already have on hand! It allows you to cook a hearty breakfast WHILE YOU’RE SLEEPING which is basically sorcery in my eyes. This recipe makes 6 servings which is a perfect hot meal for one family OR if you’re a household of one, like me, you can set and forget on Saturday night, enjoy a no-fuss breakfast on Sunday and then mason jar the rest up! You’ll have oats ready to go for the rest of the work week. Just microwave and GO! Crock-pots essentially allow for the laziest meal prepping imaginable…and that’s why I love them.

What you’ll need…

– 1 cup of steel cut oats

– 3 apples, diced

– 1 cup of apple juice

– 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

– 4 cups of water

Before the water was poured in!

and how it all comes together…

Put all the ingredients into your crock-pot and set on LOW for 7-8 hours. Wake up in the morning and serve up a bowl! Top with walnuts, more cinnamon, honey, nut butter, or anything else your heart desires. Store extra in containers in the refrigerator for easy meals all week.


What’s YOUR favorite crock-pot recipe? Do you meal prep to make the work week easier on your self? I would highly recommend it. Your time is precious, doll!¬†