mid-week round-up


So remember when we thought winter was finally over? I stumbled out of my bed yesterday morning and literally couldn’t comprehend the snow I saw out the window. Yikes! I hope that was the last of it…FOR REAL THIS TIME. This week, I’m counting down the hours until Friday when I get to travel to Bowling Green and see so many beautiful faces. A bunch of former WKU Forensics team members are meeting back on the Hill for an Alumni Work Weekend to help prepare the current team for their Nationals run. I’m looking forward to seeing some mind-blowing speeches and hugging some loves that it feels like I only get to see once in a blue moon. ‘Til then my dears, here are some fun links to pass a few of those hours between now and Friday–a day I’m sure we’re ALL looking forward to, whether venturing to BG or not. : )

Dancers’ bodies. (nsfw)

For all you cello-lovers. ; )

Moving ad in support of midwifery.

Performing gender with the face.

A performance review and call to archive forensics performances.

Gearing up for Easter the Irish way.

A husband talks about his wife’s mental illness.

Your brain with a crush.

What employers do before they interview you.

And GO CATS!!! lolololol (But for real, fingers crossed for the game on Friday!)



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