Kentucky Rose Ball

My sister’s time as a Kentucky Rose came to an end this weekend at the Kentucky Rose Ball. No ball is complete without a delicious catered meal, booze flowing, and a local celebrity on the mic–we had all three. Not to mention, Katie made this former speech coach proud with her poised and eloquent interview segment and then she brought the house down singing “The Fields of Athenry” (accompanied by her ukulele, no less).

Of course earlier in the week she stopped by my house for some practice. My dining room floor is as good a spot as any. : )


The ball gave me an excuse to get dressed up…


and make Katie pose for hilarious photos.

wedding   streetscene

The event was held in the theater of my old Catholic school which, since my attendance, has seen some legit upgrades. Their theater (which is where the ball was held) is now fancy enough that people book it for wedding receptions! I roamed the halls snapping pics and sending them to my friend Jessica who also attended the school once nick-named, “Ghetto Catholic.”


I had to do some digging but I eventually stumbled upon a crawl space that had maintained some of the school’s original charms. ; )


I also felt the need to take sev-uh-ral selfies (as ya do)…

selfie1   selfie2

Anywho…Congratulations Katie! You did your homeland and the Commonwealth proud!


My lovely lovely lovely horse. ❤ 






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