mid-week round-up


Spring has sprung and I couldn’t be happier!!! Has anyone else noticed a correlation between the rise in temperatures and a rise in social invitations? Everyone is coming out of hibernation, at long last. As for last weekend, I had a magnificent time in BG, KY at the WKU Alumni Work Weekend. I visited several vAry Bowling Greenian restaurants (I started to type them out but then got a little embarr-barr at how MANY places I was able to go in the span of basically 2 days lol), caught up with my WKY fam, and saw fantastic forensics performances. I know, as time continues to pass, that team and those people will always feel like home to me. Now, this weekend is filled to the brim with my favorite spectator sports–the American Forensics Association national tournament and the NCAA FINAL FOUR!!! I’ll be wearing blue with my 4’s held high in the hopes that both the Kentucky Wildcat Men’s Basketball Team and the Western Kentucky University Forensics Team bring championships back to the Commonwealth.

Now enjoy some links in this calm before the storm aka the wildest weekend imaginable for lovers of college basketball and college forensics:

If the movie “Her” occurred in 1995 (featuring Clippy!).

New racially biased hairstyle rules for women in the Army.

This new book about the Kitty Genovese murder is going straight onto my reading list.

…and this ballet book too!

The real dirt on archaeology.

A lesson in time management.

A beautiful story of a dedicated father (right here in Lexington, KY).

Ever wonder what Pamela Anderson is up to these days?

A new dating service.

Great long-form read: The Dead Zoo Gang.

25 facts about my favorite scary movie.

Alcohol hacks.

And a fan’s well-wishes to Coach Cal.

Forever and always–STNJ!!!!!! ❤



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