Cat Scratch Fever! (& a giveaway!!!)


As I’ve mentioned before, I share my little abode with a sweet, cuddly, mischievous Ragdoll cat named Wink. While it seems like he sleeps about 18-23 hours a day, when he’s awake he’s absolutely my spirit animal and spoiled as they come. I can’t help but to give him butt rubs whenever he cuddles up next to me or pop him out an ice cube whenever he sits by the freezer and mews. He’s got me wrapped around that little white paw, y’all! But sometimes all this love and attention makes him forget that his Mama loves sleep just about as much as he does. When I shut my bedroom door at night I imagine he has all sorts of kitten adventures (the most recent of which involves hopping from dining room table to bar cart…not cute)! Sometimes he gets excited in the middle of the night and wants to fill me in. Sometimes he feels like I should get up and get his breakfast on the table (errr…floor) LONG before my alarm has signaled the start to my day. And how does my dearest pet voice these concerns? By giving the carpet by my door a good once over with his claws. He’s definitely not as much of a scratcher as other cats I’ve met, yet, this ONE little patch of carpet is irresistible…and who can blame him, really? Yours truly is on the other side of that door!



Seeking a simple solution, I found Carpet Scratch Stopper. Basically a plastic/vinyl mat fitted to your doorway, this new product completely eliminates the possibility of a feline friend digging his/her claws in where they shouldn’t be. The website features mats that will fit 28”, 30” and 32” doors. I got a 32” mat and it fits great, even allowing me to open and close the door as needed. The Carpet Scratch Stopper could definitely stand up to some bumps and scratches from high traffic/having animals afoot and would be fairly easy to clean. So far Wink has been interested in laying right by it, bringing his toys to it and *drum-roll please* NOT scratching…I’d say that’s a win. If you want to save your carpet (or your security deposit) this product is well worth the price! And how cute is the website’s “About Us” section written by the company’s founder Joanne? She even has introductions to her 4 cats: Chloe, Ripley, Rose and Blackie. Adorbz. Speaking of adorable…look at this pensive fellow! Uuuugh, I can’t get enough of him…claws and all.



Would you like to give the Carpet Scratch Stopper a run for it’s money?  Leave a comment below telling me a little bit about your cat companion! I’ll choose a winner (randomly) at the end of the week. Good luck! GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED. 


8 thoughts on “Cat Scratch Fever! (& a giveaway!!!)

  1. I have a ragdoll too. Your Wink is adorable. Like Wink, my kitty does some scratching. My girl is loving, curious, soft, and a great napper. Love her so much. Glad you got your scratch problem under control:)

  2. I have a cat buddy named Buddy who we adopted from the SPCA who is 4 years old and I think he must of came with a tapeworm or something because he will stand straight up on his hind legs and beg for food some times he will bat you with his paws to get you attention. I keep tell everyone not to feed him but I know they do because his weight shows it. He lets you know he overdue to be fed by stealing paper and I dont know if he just tears it up or eats it but it looks chewed up. Thank god my kids are out of school I dont think they would believe that the cat ate their homework. He has his faults but he has more good qualities and I wouldnt give him up for anything he is part of the family.

  3. This is so neat! I could really use one. Niko wants to go in our bedroom but he can’t because he ripped a hole in the box spring and will climb inside! So, right now we have the vacuum up against the door so he can’t scratch.

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