mid-week round-up

mwru street scene

What are you up to this week? Yesterday we went to the pool (again!) and had it all to ourselves. And last night we watched So You Think You Can Dance. Have y’all been watching this season? I LOVE Gaby and Jaja! Chet is going to ask his students today for hole-in-the-wall Cuban restaurants so we can check one out this weekend. Can’t wait. Have a great week, loves! Here are a few links for you to peruse. Once you’ve clicked ’em all you’ll be THAT much closer to the weekend! Enjoy…

Don’t buy cheap pork. Two words: manure lagoons.

Atlanta teacher asks, “What teachers’ lounge?”

Nutritional factors may be a piece of someone’s mental health picture.

Beautiful tribute to Nora Ephron.

The poverty line was set under the assumption that every household would have a houseWIFE.

Could a painting have killed Caravaggio (and other famous artists)?

College housing isn’t always as plush as the brochures would have you believe.

Sad to have left Lexington before Broomwagon opened. Check them out if you’re in the area!

Former N’Sync singer to One Direction: “Everything is about to be terrible.”

“One day moooore!” sing the teachers of West Des Moines.

Egg freezing is being touted as a reliable way for career-oriented women to delay motherhood. But is it? 

From the streets of Baltimore to the syllabus at University of Maryland Law School.

P.S. In case you missed it, here are 7 colorful accents to turn any room from white to bright!


4 thoughts on “mid-week round-up

  1. Thanks for the Nora Ephron link. I just LOVE her … my favorite movie is a tie between You’ve Got Mail and Christmas Vacation! And I loved this quote from your link … Pretty much sums up why I always wanted to be Meg’s character in You’ve Got Mail and own my little bookshop.

    “I want to live in a Nora Ephron movie. Life in a high definition 4K Sony 24 frames per second gloss, where people are clever, beautiful, witty, and politically informed. The boy gets the girl, the heroine cooks 500 Julia Child recipes while holding a full-time job, and Meg peels green apples and finds Tom in Seattle. The sets look like a swanky Upper West Side apartment. Even in Nora’s favorite hardboiled city of New York, everything shines with a sunny optimism and a snappy Cole Porter song.”

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