Coffee date!

Happy Friday! Why don’t you grab a cup of joe and join me for a quick coffee date catch-up hosted by Jenna over at Gold and Bloom. We can chat about what’s been goin’ on  in life lately!

coffee date life lately

Loving lately…

Our new apartment in Miami! It’s really starting to feel like home and I’m excited to continue decorating it over the coming weeks.

Working out to Yoga with Adriene videos with a view of palm trees out our giant sliding glass door. I’ve long been a lover of these free yoga tutorials but looking out at such a tropical wonderland makes them all the more fun!

Reading lately…

Tardy to the party on this one but after finishing Station Eleven, I picked up Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen. I have a weird obsession with books/TV/movies about mountaineering so the premise, a failed attempt at a K2 summit leads climber turned humanitarian to a village desperately in need of a school, spoke to my heart. This book was on EVERYONE’s book club list (including Oprah’s) back in 2007 so I’m excited to finally give it a read!

Watching lately…

Besides re-watching the Miami episode of Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover, we’ve watched some other fun stuff, including; Skeleton Twins, Wet Hot American Summer First Day of Camp, and Annie Hall (which Chet had never seen).

I’m also loving this season of So You Think You Can Dance. Team Gaby and Jaja!!!

Eating lately…

Easy and cheap soups, stews, and burrito bowls. Oh, and cuban crackers. LOTS OF CUBAN CRACKERS. And Cuban bread, too! YUM!

Purchasing lately…

This pendant light which I’m somewhat obsessed with and is now hanging over one corner of our bedroom.

Emergency supplies for what’s looking like is going to be my very first hurricane. Yesterday, we stocked the cupboards with non-perishables, water, and candles.  Hoping things don’t get too bad but it’s always good to be prepared!

Now it’s your turn! What have you been up to lately? Read any page turners? Purchased anything you’re super stoked about? I’d love to hear! Oh, and if you have any inclement weather preparedness tips, DO let me know. Have a fab weekend, everyone!!! And if you’re in the “cone of uncertainty” like yours truly, STAY SAFE!!!


4 thoughts on “Coffee date!

  1. I love Yoga with Adrienne! I bet that view is so inspiring for your meditation. And I loooove that pendant light! So good. And wow, good luck gathering everything for your first hurricane! I can’t imagine being so far south for one. By the time they usually hit Virginia they’re not so bad.

    1. Black beans, rice, pork, plantains are all featured heavily in Cuban cuisine. The Cuban crackers are like a crispy flat bread that are perfect for dipping in hummus! Though that may be mixing cultures a little, lol.

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