Gift Guide 2015: Brothers, boyfriends, best dudes, husbands and any other groovy guys!

Christmas is just around the corner! Today, I’d like to continue my 2015 Holiday Gift Guide with the second of four installments. I tried to find items that would suit lots of different folk all at moderate price points. Each gift is something I love or would love giving! I hope you find some inspiration. Happy Holidays!


A documentary about surfing’s “first family” that’s super intriguing and weird but will also leave him wanting to catch the next wave. ($9, Amazon)

Frankies Sputino

This cookbook will have him amping up pasta night in no time with an entire repertoire of dishes from the world-famous restaurant adapted for the home cook. ($17, Amazon)

herschel suitcase

Encourage stylish travel aboard everything from Amtrak to Southwest to his own decade’s old car. ($190, Herschel Supply Company

express espresso

Because he likes his coffee strong and manly. ($33, Kohl’s)

fitness tracker

He enjoys spending his free time at the gym hefting heavy things and generally getting sweaty and sore, so why not gift him a fitness tracker? ($100, Jawbone

penny board

While the thought of him zipping around traffic gives you nightmares, you would hand over one of these boards if he promises to only use it for playing around on lazy days at the park. ($100, Penny Skate Boards

gift certificate

You know what they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so serve him up a gift certificate to his favorite haunt. Bonus points if they pull a decent pint, too. 

ulata body wash

Pair a new-to-him body wash with a pouf and give him the fresh and so clean (-clean) shower experience he’s after. ($10, Ulta

target desk lamp

Shine a little light on his home work-space situation. ($29, Target

lexon radio

He faithfully tunes in for his favorite NPR programming, might as well do so on the hippest device available. ($159, West Elm)

retrakt pen

Give him the gift of a go-to writing implement. ($55, Karas Kustoms)  Bonus: Budget pen options make great stocking-stuffers! 

minted stationery

Encourage the power of the written word (to say “thank you” or “i love you” or a simple “hi”) with a set of personalized stationery. ($50, Minted

P.S. More great gift ideas coming your way tomorrow!!!


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