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My Dream Living Room in 10 Easy Steps

living room inspiration
You know how when Oprah was touting The Secret, she told us we could turn our dreams into reality through the power of vision boards? Yeah? Well, sometimes I log onto and next thing I know “OOPS!” several hours have passed and I tell myself…“You did it for Future-Beth’s dream home, kid. Someday she’ll thank you!” 
With that in mind, here’s my latest living room VISION BOARD. Peacock blue + neutrals + mid-century modern + mixed metals and woods. A dream room which, through 10 “easy” steps, could easily be turned into a home decor reality…

1. Dramatic, floor-length curtains.

I love these affordable panels from Target in a slate grey.

2. Over-sized prints – framed and hung prominently.

Something about pairing a raw, black & white photograph with a more ethereal and colorful, Impressionist-inspired painting makes me feel like the room is balanced.

3. Pretty details to create added interest.

Wouldn’t this botanical print from Refinery Paper Co. look sweet hanging by a brass binder clip? And wouldn’t it be fun to DIY a decoupage ampersand? Yes and yes!

4. Long sofa for streeeeetching out.

A three-seat sofa in a pretty peacock blue, please and thank you.

5. Upright lamp to shed light on the situation.

I like tall lamps with a long arm to create some depth. I also like not having to rely on harsh ceiling lights when I’m trying to get cozy with a good book.

6. A side table aka landing pad for morning cups of coffee and evening cocktails.

The pattern created by the metalwork on this side table mimics the interlaced fingers in the black & white photograph and that’s no accident. Drawing coordination inspiration from elements other than color is a favorite decorating tip of mine!

7. Funky armchair.

Normally asymmetry would drive me bonkers…but this chair has so much personality!

8. Geometric rug, featuring colors to tie it all together.

The gentle blue wave pattern adds a relaxing element.

9. Flickering candles and potted plants for added ambiance.

I love these simple lanterns with cut-out stars and succulents in a small copper planter.

10. A stunning marble coffee table.

Because I really hope marble never goes out of style!

Do you ever lose hours on Polyvore or Pinterest planning out your dream home? Would any of these 10 elements find themselves featured in your dream living room? Got any great resources for home decor inspiration? SHARE BELOW!!!

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A Whimsical Round-Up

Honestly feeling too tired today to do anything but Google whimsical woodland gentlemen. And wouldn’t it be a little selfish of me to NOT share my findings? Obvi.

Here are 5 items you should probably purchase if you, like me, low-key wanted to marry David the Gnome when you were little because his main form of transportation was a FOX and he slept in a cupboard!

David the Gnome Tea Towel – $8.00

The More You Gnome Zen Garden – $29.99

Gnome Planner Stickers – $2.75

Rolling With the Gnomies Mug – $14.99

Cheeky Gnome Wrapping Paper – 5 sheets for $15 

Now I really want to DIY a dupe for that gnome zen garden. Maybe Dollar Tree still has fairy garden accessories for sale.

Ok, time to return to productivity and the far-less-whimsical real world. But no need for you to do the same! In fact, go ahead and click the “David the Gnome” link up top. You’ll be rewarded with 26 episodes of gnome shenanigans! You’re welcome.

(Illustration by Rien Poortvliet.)

March Unboxed: Beauty Box 5

You guys! I recently got my second box from Beauty Box 5 and would love to share the contents, if you’re game. In case you missed my last post, Beauty Box 5 is a subscription service that sends 5 new beauty products straight to your doorstep each month.

The boxes are $12/month ($10 if you order quarterly and $9 if you pay for the whole year!) and are guaranteed to include at least $35 of product. The brands are a mix of drugstore tried & trues, innovative indie, and deluxe…and from what I’ve seen of past boxes (yes, I’m low-key obsessed with unboxing videos on YouTube, lol) the majority of products included are full size. Oh, and did I mention FREE SHIPPING on U.S. subscriptions? Ka-ching!

Here’s everything that was included in the March box! 4 out of 5 of the products were full size for a total retail value of about 50 buckaroos. Let’s take a look…

sweep lash helperLash Helper from Sweep (Retail: $9.99)

This innovative tool helps to perfectly place false eyelashes. Since getting those suckers on seems to require surgical precision, it’s no wonder such an instrument would prove beneficial. (I’d still probably stab myself in the eye.)


sweep lashes

Lashes from Sweep (Retail: $15.00 for set of 5)

These false lashes, in the “ELISA” style, are natural-looking and beautiful. Since falsies aren’t really my thing, I’m tucking these (and the accompanying tool) away for a future giveaway. #KeepYourEyeOut


Lash Primer from Manna Kadar (Retail: $24 for full-size)

I’d never tried a lash primer before receiving this product but it totally works! The creamy formula provides a nice base to increase volume. Very helpful for cheap mascara users. *raises hand*


bellapierre cosmetics glitterCosmetic Glitter in SPECTRA from Bellapierre (Retail: $15)

This would be really fun to add on top of eyeshadow for a night out. Extra glam! The accompanying card also recommends adding a little to a bubblebath for additional, all-over sparkle.


prestige cosmetics eyeshadowTrue Metals Eyeshadow in PEWTER from Prestige Cosmetics (Retail: $9.75)

I’ve been highly devoted to a bronze-y eyeshadow the last few months and I’m excited to switch it up with this new metal tint. This product is my stand-out fave of the whole box!


Which product would you be most excited to try out? Do you have a favorite makeup subscription service? I would totally recommend Beauty Box 5 (even if you’re product clueless like me!). 

*Note – This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Finding Delight. 

February Unboxed: Beauty Box 5


As you may remember from this post, receiving something exciting or unexpected in my mailbox brings me so much joy. And if you follow me on Instagram, you know my mailbox has been straight up killing it. I was especially excited to receive this box of goodies from Beauty Box 5 — a subscription service that sends 5 new beauty products straight to your doorstep each month.

The boxes are $12/month ($10 if you order quarterly and $9 if you pay for the whole year!) and are guaranteed to include at least $35 of product. The brands are a mix of drugstore tried & trues, innovative indie, and deluxe…and from what I’ve seen of past boxes (yes, I’m low-key obsessed with unboxing videos on YouTube, lol) the majority of products included are full size. Oh, and did I mention FREE SHIPPING on U.S. subscriptions? Ka-ching!

Now, I don’t know much about makeup, you guys. I tend to stick with the few products I love and just call it a day. But I’m eager to branch out! That’s why I figured Beauty Box 5 would be something fun to try out. Instead of standing clueless in the drug-store, wondering what products to nab, they can do the thinking for me. Then, I can add their finds to my current collection and VOILA! I have a “capsule wardrobe” of makeup for the month. Genius, right?

Here’s everything that was included in the February box! 4 out of 5 of the products were full size for a total retail value of $38.50. Let’s take a look…

pink moisturizing lip mask from Jean Pierre CosmeticsPink Moisturizing Lip Mask from Jean Pierre Cosmetics (Retail: $5.00 for set of 5)

A mask for your lips? I’ve never heard of such things! But what a fun way to prep your pout — and take bathroom mirror selfies while you do. (Just me?) #treatyoself


Lip Glow from Style Essentials

Lip Glow in NUDE from Style Essentials (Retail: $4.00)

This lip glow is moisturizing and comfortable to wear with just the right tint of nude for everyday wear. Bonus: It smells like strawberries! I can already tell it’s going to be a new fave.


Unicorn Lippie from Tint Beauty

Unicorn Lippie in MAKE BELIEVE from Tint Beauty (Retail: $9.00)

The color of this lipstick is STUNNING. Luckily the ultra-pigmented, matte finish is long-lasting for extended fancy-times wear. Application is a bit messy for not-so-savvy makeup wearers like yours truly.


img_2504Unicorn Liner in MAKE BELIEVE from Tint Beauty (Retail: $7.00)

I’ve never really dappled in liners. But I gotta say, this little guy keeps your lipstick where it belongs and since the color is a perfect match it doesn’t look like you’re channeling a 90210 character.


Colour Hybrid from So SusanColour Hybrid in MARSALA from So Susan (Retail: $17.50)

The little card accompanying this month’s box boasts that this color looks great on every skin tone but I was hesitant. Could my skin pull off a bright berry, flushed look? Survey says: I love it!


P.S. I just watched Titanic last night (RIP Bill Paxton) and the Unicorn Lippie/Liner duo in Make Believe is SPOT ON the lip color Kate Winslet wears through most of the movie. Do with that information what you will. 🙂

Swatches from the Feb. '17 Beauty Box 5

*Note – I received this box free for review but I loved it so much I signed up for a subscription. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Finding Delight. 

Cents of Style: Fashion Friday – Floral Skirts for just $19.95 shipped

Cents of Style floral skirts

Great news, you guys! Cents of Style is offering a full collection of floral skirts for just $19.95 + FREE SHIPPING with coupon code FLORALSTORY at checkout.

Floral patterns are all the rage right now! Find a print that fits your personal look and let the skirt take you all over town from errands to meetings, date night to Sunday brunch. From ultra-soft and flowy to the perfect pencil, and sizes S – 3X, there are a ton of options in a variety of colors.

Stacked floral skirts from Cents of Style

I love how the pencil skirts look when dressed down with a graphic tee and ankle boots —


But I’m a bit more of an a-line girl, myself! I recently picked up the Kambree Ultra-Soft Floral Skirt in black. The material is ridiculously soft and I love that it can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Here’s how I recently rocked it with a black cardi, Fair Trade scarf, wedge ankle booties, and my trusty Daniel Wellington watch


Shop all floral skirts HERE.  

How would you style YOURS?

Weekend Uniforms: Dressy, Casual, and In the Middle

I’m all about easy-livin’ on weekends. Laying on the couch with a novel, lots of coffee, movie marathons with my love. If I didn’t have to get dressed at all on weekends I’d probably be really into that.
But occasions do arise in which one must leave the comfort of their comforter and their crime documentaries. Birthday parties, brunch dates, TRADER JOE’S…oh my! Why use your time (and your brain cells) on closet conundrums when there’s all this fun to be had outside the house?!
Enter Weekend Uniforms. Or a few “outfit equations” that can get you through the bulk of your most common weekend activities. Use them as a framework and insert the pieces you love and have on hand. Here are 3…

Weekend Uniform: Dressy

Weekend Uniform: Dressy
  • For a fancy work event, dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday, or a concert followed by drinks at your favorite bar…
  • Slip on a slinky dress and your favorite pair of heels. Give your look some edge with a biker or bomber jacket. Bring along your trusty, structured bag. Add a bangle. Make a statement with a fierce cocktail ring.
  • Finish off the look with a good coverage foundation, a swipe of your favorite lipstick, and a buttery nail color. Spritz on something dark and moody. Hit the town!

Weekend Uniform: Casual

Weekend Uniform: Casual
  •  For grocery shopping, tinkering around in your backyard, or long lazy walks with the pup through your ‘hood…
  • Throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans and your favorite statement tee. Stay comfortable in a pair of white converse. Track your steps with your fitness tracker (even lazy Saturdays add miles!).  Add a dainty necklace and make sure to have your favorite reusable bags on hand.
  • Finish off the look with sunscreen and a lip-balm. Use a sporty, natural deodorant (that’s quickly become a cult favorite). Get. shiz. done!

Weekend Uniform: In the Middle

Weekend Uniform: In the Middle
  • For brunch somewhere quaint, boutique shopping with your bestie, or a flick at the indie theater…
  • You can trick passers-by into thinking you exerted a lot of effort this morning. In truth, jersey dress + big earrings + messy bun. Grab a jean jacket in case you get chilly and strap on a pair of fun sandals. Add a chic watch and a cross-body bag.
  • Finish off the look with an after-sun spray, a clean-smelling scent, and a little dry shampoo. Go for a bold lip, if you dare. Mimosas, anyone?
How do you spend YOUR weekends? Which uniform would suit your style best? 
P.S. Feeling fashion-y? Here’s how to choose a style a barometer.

In Search of the Comfiest Bra


Hey friends. I’ve been meaning to buy some new bras for a few months now. (Is it embarrassing to admit that I still haven’t checked this off my To Do list?!) For some reason the task just seems so daunting. I’m just not in love with any that I currently have so finding a new brand to try out sorta seems like searching for a needle in a haystack.

So, I’d love to ask, what’s your all time favorite bra? Where is it from? Why do you love it so much?? What style suits  you best? I used to think Victoria’s Secret was a sure bet (if you’re only gonna do ONE thing then you’re probably pretty good at it, right?) but every time I go they tell me my size has changed. I’m starting to think they just mess with the sizing so you have to buy new bras all time! (I’m a VS conspiracy theorist, y’all!)

Anyways, in the midst of my quest for the perfect boob holder, the name ThirdLove kept popping up. ThirdLove is an awesome online company that promises well-fitting, comfy bras for ALL women. Instead of using standard industry measurements and grading them up and down to create each bra size, they fit all  sizes on real women. These fittings help them design each bra size to be a more precise fit, like shorter strap lengths on larger sizes for better lift, or a wider width between cups on smaller sizes. Plus…they do HALF sizes. *mind BLOWN*

Have you ever tried ThirdLove? I just ordered their 24/7 Classic T-shirt bra and I can’t wait to see how it feels! (I’ll be sure to report back.)

P.S. ThirdLove is offering Finding Delight readers a discount. (Score!) Just use the coupon code TL15BRABLEMSDEC when you check out.

P.P.S. In case you’re experiencing any of these common “bra-blems” …


Gift Guide 2015: Fathers, grandfathers, father-in-laws, uncles and any other jolly gents!

Christmas is just around the corner! Today, I’d like to conclude my 2016 Holiday Gift Guide with the final installment. I tried to find items that would suit lots of different folk at various price points. Each gift is something I love or would love giving! I hope you find some inspiration. Happy Holidays!


A rustic frame to help him display his favorite adventure (and favorite adventuring partners). (Wayfair, $12)


For the huge meals he whips up to feed the whole family (think: seafood gumbo and spicy chili), give him a GIANT pot. (Amazon, $38)


Because he’s always been able to tell believable tall-tales. (Amazon, $15)


The classic biographical novel about Michelangelo for a lazy weekend read that will bring his favorite artist to life. (Amazon, $13)


This vintage brass lion to adorn his desk with a quiet roar. (Etsy, $35)


He goes out for a morning jog even when the temperature starts to drop. These Nike pants will protect him from the elements. (Kohl’s, $40)


An 18 year old bottle of Scotch for a super smooth nightcap experience. (Reserve Bar, $153)


A place to keep his business cards at the ready for networking (and free lunch drawings). (Etsy, $23)


This smartphone lens set will really up his iPhone photography game. (ModCloth, $15)


The most gorgeous pair of cashmere-lined gloves. (Saks Fifth Avenue, $240)


For his morning cup of joe, a handcrafted mug inspired by mid-century Scandinavian design. (Etsy, $27)


Because he believes everything is better with bourbon! (Farm to People, $11)

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Gift Guide 2016: Mothers, grandmothers, mother-in-laws, aunts and any other sophisticated gals!

Christmas is just around the corner! Today, I’d like to continue my 2016 Holiday Gift Guide with the third of four installments. I tried to find items that would suit lots of different folk at a variety of price points. Each gift is something I love or would love giving! I hope you find some inspiration. Happy Holidays!


If she has bookshelves bursting with unread books but still manages to bring home a stack from the library each week, this tote is a must. (Etsy, $18)


An adorable planner to keep track of all her pressing appointments and fun plans. (She can use her collection of washi and stickers to decorate the pages!) (Amazon, $26)


A subscription to a glossy magazine so she’ll think of you every time it shows up at her door. (Women’s Health, $16 for 10 issues)


Doesn’t she deserve a lovely hand wash adorning her sink? (And this, too. Because you know it’ll get a giggle!) (Aesop, $39)


For her daily cereal and nightly ice cream, the perfect pale pink bowls. (Anthropologie, $24 for 4)


Add a cozy layering piece to her lounge-wear collection for added warmth on those mornings she just can’t be bothered to get dressed before finishing the crossword puzzle and two gigantic cups of coffee. (Target, $25)


These little guys will keep her Chardonnay at just the right temperature without watering it down. Plus, they look pretty fancy twirling in the glass. (Amazon, $20)


This gorgeous platter will be the talk of her next dinner party. The design depicts the Tree of Life and was hand-painted  by artisans living and working in the West Bank. (Ten Thousand Villages, $90)


A well-placed pop of color always makes her smile, so how about a bright rug to liven up one of her darker rooms. (Wayfair, $200)


A taste of Florida sunshine sent straight to her snowy hometown. (Florida Orange Shop, $51)


Because you think she’d look adorable in a cableknit cardigan. (Madewell, $70)


Something sweet and silly for her desk…and her co-workers will certainly get a kick out of it, too. (ModCloth, $15)

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Gift Guide 2016: Brothers, boyfriends, best dudes, husbands and any other groovy guys!

Christmas is just around the corner! Today, I’d like to continue my 2016 Holiday Gift Guide with the second of four installments. I hope you find some inspiration. Happy Holidays!


A tabletop foosball game because he would never buy it for himself but you know he’ll play it all winter long (and you wouldn’t mind being challenged to a match or two yourself). (Kohl’s, $37)


Having the right tool for the job is paramount to getting it done right. This notebook, from Code&Quill, promises to be just that. (Code&Quill, $20)


An illustrated history of the national parks to keep on your coffee table. Because he loves a good outdoor adventure. (National Geographic Store, $30)


Slouchy cashmere beanie, an iconic winter accessory. And such an adorable way to keep his noggin warm! (Saks Fifth Avenue, $40)


A bold spice blend to liven up dinners at home. (Farm to People, $7)


Hand-stamped money clip that you can customize with his initials (in sweet lowercase letters), a favorite quote, or inside joke. (Etsy, $25-35)


Bluetooth headphones so he can keep up with all his podcasts on nightly runs around the neighborhood. (Amazon, $36)


Wall mounts for his ever-growing collection of string instruments. (Etsy, $15 each)


A memoir that he won’t be able to put down. (Or this one if he would prefer something a bit more educational. Or this one if he wants a super gripping tale.) (Amazon, $10)


A bar cart that he can stock with all sorts of bottles and accessories (and really wow your guests when he saunters over to it and mixes them a slam-dunk cocktail). (Wayfair, $249)


This gorgeous print to transport him to a coastal highway while he’s tucked away in his office for hours at a time. (Plus! It will remind him of a really epic drone shot!) (Minted, $86)


A subscription to Audible for a way better commuting experience. (Audible, $15/month)

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