Christmas crafting with corks!


Even with the tropical temperatures I’m in quite the Christmas spirit this year, you guys. I’ve been deckin’ ALL of the halls. I’ve also been feeling a compulsive urge to buy random craft supplies. Sooooo….gotta make like an elf and get to work! Here are a few snaps of my latest crafting endeavor. If you, too, have a few corks tucked away in a jar somewhere, PULL ‘EM OUT! This is how I used mine…

I rifled through my craft box to see what sort of supplies might be useful…


…and came up with these! Little pom poms and push pins make perfect “ornaments.” Twine can be used to turn your little trees into ornaments. And those foam stickers in the center were a Dollar Tree find (and the ones pictured are just a FRACTION of the amount that came in the bag). I used the E6000 glue to attach my embellishments but ended up using my trusty glue-gun to connect all the corks.


I made one little guy as a stand-alone tree to nestle onto a shelf on our TV stand. I love how the colors come out different on each type of cork. How cute is that gingerbread man?


And I made another to hang on our  tree. For this one I included a tree stump by cutting a cork in half (with a kitchen knife and a cutting board…livin’ dangerously!) and adding a bit of ribbon for embellishment. I also secured some twine below the top cork for hanging purposes.


I’m totally in love with them and think they have the perfect rustic look. They’ll also look totally different based on what you have on hand! So give it a try! It was a super simple and cozy evening activity.

And c’mon, don’t you just love an excuse to drink more wine this time of year?!


What sorts of ornaments do you hang on your tree? Do you make your own or do you stick to store bought baubles? Does your tree have a theme? I’d love to hear! 



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