Photo Diary: Biscayne National Park


Chet and I live in the most South-West edge of Miami which is super convenient for taking day-trips out of the city and reaching the beach in record time. Our favorite beach is actually in Homestead, FL which, for us, is faster to get to than any of the beaches in Miami (and with tolls and parking fees–way cheaper too!). Nestled next door to our favorite weekend relaxation haunt is Biscayne National Park. While we’ve only scratched the surface of what this park has to offer, I’m already impressed! The views across the bay, all the way out to the Miami skyline, are breathtaking. There’s also a convenient trail which takes you along the waterline, past a marina, over a bridge, and down a peninsula. But 95% of this park’s 172,000 acres are covered by water so there’s still so much to explore.  Here are a few photos of what we’ve seen so far…













“However orderly your excursions or aimless, again and again amid the calmest, stillest scenery you will be brought to a standstill, hushed and awe-stricken, before phenomena wholly new to you.” – John Muir, Our National Parks

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