Got a case of the Mondays?

baby animals 1

baby animals 2

baby animals 3

baby animals 4

Why are Mondays so blah? If you’ve got an epic case of the Mondays, why not scroll through a few (or a few hundred) pictures of your favorite baby animal.

Why are we so drawn to snuggly-wuggly cuties like the ones above? According to research by the University of Canterbury, humans have a cuteness detector that sweeps in and sounds the alarm whenever we see anything that bears a resemblance to a helpless, human infant. Think: big doe-ish eyes, wrinkly skin, limbs that need growing into, or a total lack of coordination. “The greater the number of cute cues that an animal or object happens to possess, or the more exaggerated the signals may be, the louder and more italicized are the squeals provoked.”

Why will this work to cure a case of the Mondays? Looking at images with mega cuteness factor stimulate the same pleasure centers of the brain stimulated by drugs and sex!

So, what are you waiting for? Open up another tab and get to googling!


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