Tackling that nagging, unfinished project.

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How do you go about tackling those nagging, unfinished projects looming about your life? Gretchen Rubin, author of the book The Happiness Project (a book I love, btw!) has the following resolution when it comes to such things: Finish the things I’ve started. Or put an end to them.”

I love that! A few years ago I applied this same principle to books. I had a bad habit of starting a book with great intentions, finding I didn’t like it that much, and then letting it sit on my nightstand for the next month as I told myself day in and day out, “I really should finish that book.” But then *lightbulb!* I realized I could read so. much. more. when I focused on books I loved and abandoned those I didn’t. Makes total sense that this could be applicable to other areas of one’s life.

Now, I know this wouldn’t work for everything. There are certain projects that just have to get done and can’t be cast aside for other pursuits. Like taxes. Gotta do ’em! But I can think of a lot of other instances where giving myself one of only two options: 1) put everything away and just call it quits OR 2) just do the damn thing! would make for just the kick in the pants I need. And make sure, just like with the books, that I’m only pursuing projects I’m actually passionate about.

What do you think? How do YOU tackle nagging, unfinished projects? 


(Photo via here by Janne Peters.)


3 thoughts on “Tackling that nagging, unfinished project.

  1. I love that mantra. I have several unfinished projects right now and I need to just stop procrastinating and get them done, or just throw them out.

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