Choosing a Style Barometer

My biggest problem when I go shopping for new clothes is that I like TOO many things. Now, hear me out. I’m drawn to a ton of different styles; everything from boho to biz-cas, 90’s inspired to girly shabby-chic. My eye gets pulled from rack to rack and anything that’s flattering once I’ve tried it on may very well find it’s way into my basket. This is great for finding cute, one-off items that I can pull out of my closet and pair with one or two things to make one or two outfits…not so much for creating an overall LOOK of lots of versatile pieces I LOVE.

One way I’ve been able to narrow the scope is by choosing a style barometer. Basically, I’ve selected a few “style icons” and I funnel all my clothing purchases by asking, “Would one of them buy this?” If the answer is no then it probably won’t fit with the overall wardrobe I’m trying to create. My current style barometer go-to’s are Keri Russell and the YouTuber/Blogger guru’s Lily Pebbles and Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup.

Keri Russel 1

anna and lily

Keri Russell 2

anna gardner 1

lily pebbles 1

Keri russell 3

anna gardner 2

lily pebbles 2

(Photos of Keri Russell – 1 // 2 // 3)

(Photos of Anna – 1 // 2 // 3)

(Photos of Lily – 1 // 2 // 3)

Don’t they all just look so effortlessly cool?!

As you can see from above- I’m loving a classic, simple look. Lots of jeans and monochrome. Button-down shirts that are light and breezy. Dressed-up details like lace and polka dots. Fun sandals, structured jackets, and cross-body bags. Plus, the daintiest jewelry.

I’ve been pretty successful with this approach as of late. Last week, with Chet out of town, I decided to treat myself to an aimless shopping trip. I walked away with a lovely white button-down and a striped black and ivory t-shirt dress just perfect for Spring! And left all the graphic tees and floral sundresses I was eyeing behind for someone else. SCORE!

Would you try this approach? Who are your current style icons? Do you try to create an overall LOOK or do you just buy pieces you love? LET ME KNOW! 


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