June Stitch Fix (Unboxing + Try On)

june stitch fix box

I received a box from Stitch Fix this week!!! Wanna see what’s inside? For those that don’t know, Stitch Fix is an amazing online company that hooks you up with your own personal stylist. It’s pretty simple! First, you sign up on their website and fill out a style profile. It asks you questions about what you like to wear and your lifestyle to get a clearer picture of the type of clothing you would enjoy receiving. You can also include a link to one of your Pinterest boards for your stylist to peruse. Next, you schedule a “fix” and leave a comment with any special requests or upcoming occasions. And then WAM-BAM, in a few weeks you have a package with five unique items, hand-picked by your own stylist. You also receive a style card for each of your five pieces with two outfit ideas. This is a neat way of showing you how you can incorporate the pieces into your own wardrobe.

For this “fix,” I asked my stylist to send me dresses or outfit pieces that I could wear during the events leading up to my wedding — bachelorette party, bridal luncheon, etc. She delivered some really beautiful pieces that totally fit the bill! She even wrote in her accompanying note where she envisioned me wearing each item. So sweet and personalized! Here’s a look at each item…

1. Pixley embroidery detail cami.



2. Brixon Ivy textured knit dress. 



3. Kut From The Kloth printed maxi skirt. 



4. Adrianna Papell lace dress.



5. Zenzii tassel drop earrings. 


Now comes the fun part! Deciding what to keep and what to send back. Your box comes equipped with a pre-stamped bag/envelope so you can send back what doesn’t work for you at no extra charge! However, if you keep all 5 items you receive a 25% discount off your total bill. You have three days to make your selections. I like to have a rifle through my closet, jewelry box, and shoe collection to try and come up with full outfits for each piece. This is my way of sussing out if I’ll actually wear the item or not. Here’s what I came up with…

pixley cami

This cami looked super cute paired with a little black cardigan and I love the pretty detailing peeking out. However, I’m not a huge fan of thin straps (curse of big boobs), and June in South Florida means I’m not in need of a shirt that requires an extra layer in order to wear with confidence.

Verdict: Sent back. 

brixon ivy dress 1

brixon ivy dress 2

Unfortunately, this dress didn’t fit. I still wanted to play dress up in it but *spoiler alert* it is NOT zipped up all the way in the back. Haha! While I like the unique print, and think it would be a lovely option for my bridal luncheon, I wasn’t entirely sold on that neon yellow color. Kinda looked like a highlighter in person.

Verdict: Sent back. 

kut from the kloth skirt 1

kut from the kloth skirt 2

Pulling this number out of the box I gotta admit I was a little hesitant, but once I put it on I fell in love. I absolutely love the print and colors, and the slits up the side are perfection! I also was super impressed with how well it fit. Being a little height-challenged, I was nervous about a maxi skirt being way too long. But my stylist totally took that into account and sent it in a petite size. Score!

Verdict: Keep.

Adreanna Papell dress

Adrianna Papell dress 2

Adrianna Papell dress 3

To be honest, if this dress had shown up on my doorstep BEFORE I settled on a wedding dress it would be a STRONG contender. Ugh! Looking at these pictures makes me love this dress so much. So boho, so cute! SUCH a hard decision to settle on in a couple days but I just couldn’t justify the $138 price tag on this beauty. Mostly because, while it would look stunning for my pre-wedding activities and/or photo session, I’m not sure I would actually ever wear it again. And I already plunked down a chunk of change on a one-time wear dress. No need to make a habit out of that. I’ll probably try and find a similar dress for a cheaper price now that I know I like this look.

Verdict: Regretfully sent back. 

Zenzii earrings

I didn’t get a great shot of  these in my ears but you get the idea. They looked super cute with the accompanying cami. They’re very on trend (tassels!) although I’m not in desperate need of new earrings.

Verdict: Sent back. 

So there you have it! While I only decided to keep one item, my stylist’s notes and the outfit cards really helped me nail down the types of pieces and ensembles I could wear for the pre-wedding events. A brightly colored dress (I have one from a previous “fix”!) with pearls would be well suited for the bridal luncheon and a sweetly detailed tank with a cardigan and shorts would make for a nice option to throw on for getting breakfast the day after the wedding. I’m excited to grab drinks out on the town in the maxi skirt I kept and I know to keep my eyes out for a white dress with a boho vibe (maybe one with a more moderate price tag). What do you think? Which pieces are your favorites? Would you have chosen differently? Let me know your thoughts below!!

P.S. My November Stitch Fix Unboxing + Try On!

If you’d like to give Stitch Fix a go, and I SOOO recommend you do, CLICK HERE. It’s a service I’ve used for a few years now and the pieces I’ve kept become closet staples. 

june stitch fix box


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    1. Haha! “Fashion show at lunch!!” That’s totally what I should title the next post about a Stitch Fix unboxing. And you’re right, I need to recruit a photographer. 😉

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