Gift Guide 2016: Brothers, boyfriends, best dudes, husbands and any other groovy guys!

Christmas is just around the corner! Today, I’d like to continue my 2016 Holiday Gift Guide with the second of four installments. I hope you find some inspiration. Happy Holidays!


A tabletop foosball game because he would never buy it for himself but you know he’ll play it all winter long (and you wouldn’t mind being challenged to a match or two yourself). (Kohl’s, $37)


Having the right tool for the job is paramount to getting it done right. This notebook, from Code&Quill, promises to be just that. (Code&Quill, $20)


An illustrated history of the national parks to keep on your coffee table. Because he loves a good outdoor adventure. (National Geographic Store, $30)


Slouchy cashmere beanie, an iconic winter accessory. And such an adorable way to keep his noggin warm! (Saks Fifth Avenue, $40)


A bold spice blend to liven up dinners at home. (Farm to People, $7)


Hand-stamped money clip that you can customize with his initials (in sweet lowercase letters), a favorite quote, or inside joke. (Etsy, $25-35)


Bluetooth headphones so he can keep up with all his podcasts on nightly runs around the neighborhood. (Amazon, $36)


Wall mounts for his ever-growing collection of string instruments. (Etsy, $15 each)


A memoir that he won’t be able to put down. (Or this one if he would prefer something a bit more educational. Or this one if he wants a super gripping tale.) (Amazon, $10)


A bar cart that he can stock with all sorts of bottles and accessories (and really wow your guests when he saunters over to it and mixes them a slam-dunk cocktail). (Wayfair, $249)


This gorgeous print to transport him to a coastal highway while he’s tucked away in his office for hours at a time. (Plus! It will remind him of a really epic drone shot!) (Minted, $86)


A subscription to Audible for a way better commuting experience. (Audible, $15/month)

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