Running Through My Mind

Here’s what’s running through my mind this Monday —

Yoga with Adriene. I love her “find what feels good” approach to yoga and her 30 day series TRUE, if nothing else, reminds me of the power of deep breaths. (But like, obvi, SO MUCH else.) The whole series (today is day 21 of 30) is on YouTube — I’ve been unrolling my mat every day and I don’t want it to end. I’m basically the living embodiment of those trendy sweatshirts that say things like “I just want to practice yoga & read books.” 

Speaking of reading books, I’m reading The Train to Crystal City: FDR’s Secret Prisoner Exchange Program and America’s Only Family Internment Camp During World War II. It is thought-provoking, expansive, and meticulously researched. Also – a great follow-up read to Jamie Ford’s Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.

Have you ever bought clothes off of Amazon? I’ve had great success with shoe purchasing but not so great with accessories (jewelry, bags, etc.). However, after a recent closet clear out, I identified a few wardrobe holes I’d like to fill and figured why not give it a try! Happy to report everything fit just fine (reviews are your best friend for this!) and there were no unwanted surprises like poor quality or weird material. I’m especially in love with this raincoat, which is really great quality for the price tag, and this white shirt with fun bell sleeves!

A reminder to rise and SHINE:

Finally, Everything You Never Thought to Ask About Astronaut Food. Because once you read about burping in microgravity you’ll never quite look at space travel the same way again.

P.S. More on yoga. More on books. More on clothes. More inspiration. And more articles. In case any of these things are running through YOUR mind, too!!


11 thoughts on “Running Through My Mind

  1. I have been too afraid to buy clothes off Amazon simply because I’d be worried they were coming from some weird place in China and be made of strange low quality materials. Glad to hear that went well for you and maybe I’ll give it a go if I find trustworthy accounts to buy from.

  2. Loved corner of bitter & sweet so I’ll have to read your book recommendation. As far as clothes shopping on line, prefer to touch & try on but it’s nice to shop from the convenience of you own home once in awhile. Love that shirt!

    1. I would definitely recommend it if the novel sparked your interest about that time in history. There’s so much I didn’t know about internment camps in the US during WWII and the book follows a few families so it feels more personal than academic.

  3. It is so good that you incorporate as much useful information as possible in a post experiencing everything yourself. My Amazon purchase experiences have been good so far just once when I picked the wrong seller was a mess to return the product and all. Anyhoo, you also gave me that push to purchase clothes off of Amazon!

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