List 3: I’m Looking Forward To…

A new series in which I share lists which I hope will help you to get to know me better. Why? Because I started this blog what feels like forever ago and there’s bound to be some new faces peering in once and awhile! So these posts are kinda like an introduction (or a reintroduction for those who’ve been with me since the jump!). A nice to meet ya, so glad you stopped by, now STAY AWHILE! Why lists? Because I love making ’em! (+ it’s the summer and I can give myself some grace when it comes to not posting overly-elaborate blog posts.)

I am looking forward to…

Meeting my nephew in person.


Exploring new-to-us places in Madison/Huntsville/Decatur
with my husband.

Finishing a few writing projects I have in the works…

…and launching another project I’m working on with my BFF.
(*More on both of these soon!!!)

Organizing my craft supplies.

Learning all the best routes in my new hometown.

My birthday.

Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention.

Tell me what you’re looking forward to in the comments below! xoxo

[ And in case you’re curious…

LIST 2 ]


22 thoughts on “List 3: I’m Looking Forward To…

  1. Hey Lovely Beth! I am very excited for an International convention I just found out about that will happen in 2019! I am also excited to go to Disney in the fall. I am excited to decorate my house and so many other things! Missed your blog. So glad to read it again!

    1. Yeah! My husband teaches at a university in a super small town and that festival is like the TALK of the town. We’ve never been but I’m super excited to check it out, lol.

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