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Big Blue Nation camps out.

Just a few blocks from my house, a temporary city formed last week. Fans of the University of Kentucky basketball team pitched 760 tents encircling the campus’ Memorial Coliseum for their chance to secure tickets to the players first official public introduction. Populated by students, families, young, old, and citizens from all over the Commonwealth; the mass camp out is certainly a sight to behold. Kentuckians, without any pro sports teams to speak of, pledge their allegiance to college basketball. And they honor that pledge in wacky, intense, heart-warming ways. Ever fascinated by this diverse set of super fans known as the Big Blue Nation, I made my way down Euclid Ave. to scope how those camping were spending their time (corn-hole, shootin’ the shit in camp chairs and enjoying massive pizza deliveries from players), what the tent real estate market was like and who would be mingling with fans (Marcus Lee, the Harrison twins). I snapped some pics because I love displays of commitment and I thought you might like to see…













What’s your favorite sports team? Would you ever do something extreme, like camp out for a week, in order to attend one of their events? I’ll hand it to this crowd, the energy in the air was electric! Definitely worth spending an evening exploring

mid-week round-up


Hello lovelies! What a crazy week. Lots happening at work, TWO national championship runs to keep up with and no back to back days off. The days are just flying by (even as they get longer)!

If you’re in need of a food recommendation for this upcoming weekend, I have a couple. Monday, my family grabbed lunch at Limestone Blue. Very yummy, very Kentucky. And, while watching the game at Lynagh’s that same night, I ordered an O’round burger because it made the cut in The Chevy Chaser’s Top 5 burgers in town list. Both great options if you’re lookin’ to treat yourself after a busy week!

But enough about noms, let’s check out some links! Enjoy the rest of your week. : )

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And huge congrats to my Tops on their 8th AFA National Title! STNJ! ❤