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A Family Excursion to Sunken Gardens!


I’m back in Miami today after a wonderful long weekend in St. Petersburg with my family. My mom planned our belated Christmas celebration to coincide with the opening of my sister’s latest play. We lounged around our rental house, exchanged gifts, dined at Bella Brava, and topped everything off with a trip to the theater. On Saturday, with Katie off at rehearsal (and the weather pitch perfect), we decided to spend a little time ambling about Sunken Gardens. Sunken Gardens is a beautiful botanic garden right in the center of St. Pete. The name comes from the original owner who, in 1903, purchased the land which included a lake he drained in order to plant his “sunken” garden. In time he closed the property off and started charging a quarter for folks to come in and have a look. The spot grew in popularity and was ranked as one of the top 10 commercial attractions in the state throughout the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. While Sunken Gardens is now owned and operated by the city, it remains a great example of Florida roadside attractions from a bygone era. In fact, some say it is the oldest commercial tourist attraction still in operation on Florida’s west coast. All in all, it is definitely a site to seek out if you’re in the area! Here are a few pictures from our visit…






IMG_1875     IMG_1876


Not sure who put this baby doll in one of the plants but it was very creepy.





This turtle was munching on grass so adorably that I could have watched him for hours.


I would have passed this fairy house right by if it weren’t for the one strategic sunbeam casting a glow into the dark corner of plants.







Green with Envy

When Chet and I go on walks we always comment on the untapped potential of people’s green space for growing. Front lawns never seem to serve a purpose and that little strip of lawn between the sidewalk and street ends up a pointless patch of grass for your neighbor’s dog to crap on. Which is why this homeowner’s story struck a chord!

He went from this…

green with envy 1

To this…

green with envy 2

And now is able to do this…

green with envy 3

Inspiring, right? You really don’t have to live on a farm to grow your own food!

(Photos via The Meta Picture.)