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How To Deal With Shin Splints After Running

There are loads of ways to get fit and healthy, but one of the easiest and most accessible is to get some running shoes on and go for a nice long jog. Loads of folks started doing this last year when the first lockdowns began rolling out, seeing as how many gyms and exercise classes had to take a backseat. For many, running quickly turned into a passion.

There is one slight problem though… your shins get really sore and painful after each run. While they may be fine a few days after, the pain has gotten progressively worse the more often you run. As it happens, you most likely have shin splints, which is a problem caused by inflammation of the connective tissues and muscles attached to the shinbone. This is from the extra stress put on your shins by running. 

It’s a real annoyance, but how do you deal with it? Here are a few simple suggestions to help you manage your shin splints:

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Ice your shins after running

If you experience pain straight after running, the best thing to do is to ice your shins. You can use ice packs for this, but a bag of frozen peas will also do the trick. The ice packs soothe the shins and reduce any inflammation or swelling. Do this as often as required in the following days until the pain subsides.

Try topical pain relievers

Alongside the icing tactic, you can apply topical painkillers to your shins. These usually come in the form of creams or gels, and they can include various natural ingredients, like CBD oil. The whole point of topical pain relievers is that they target the site of your pain, so they should kick in faster and provide a more focused pain relief in the affected area. Topical treatments are much safer to use with frequency than a pain reliever you might take orally. A good strategy would be to apply your topical cream or gel after icing your shins to give extra pain relief until it’s time to ice them again. 

Get better footwear

Typically, shin splints are caused by a combination of poor footwear or flat feet. In essence, your feet don’t have the support required to absorb the shocks you make when running. So, all the impact goes through the foot and into the lower leg, hence your shins are put under more stress. By buying a pair of more supportive shoes – or insoles for those of you with flat feet – you restore the supportiveness to your feet, making the impact less demanding on your poor shins. 

Following these simple steps will help you to ease your shin splints. However, you also need to rest your body so the shins can recover. Don’t rush yourself back into running – take a few days or weeks off until the pain has completely gone. Then, you can start running again with more supportive footwear to prevent future shin splint problems. Good luck!

Women of the Web: Ashley, Crystal and Erin!


It’s no secret that I love blogs. There are plenty of web presences I turn to for inspiration, information and advice. These interweb relationships are almost always with women–smart, strong, beautiful ladies who help keep me up to date, looking put together, eating well and laughing…all with a few clicks of my laptop. Today I’d like to share just a few women of the web I come back to again and again.

Ashley of {never} homemaker…


She writes about healthy recipes and running (and cross-training) tips here. After the birth of her adorable daughter Ada she started a second blog to cover more aspects of her family life. She makes a mean pizza, educates readers on what runners should be eating, and has tons of great posts for new runners in general.

To learn more about Ashley CLICK HERE.

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Crystal of MoneySavingMom…


She writes about living frugally, organization and scoring deals (couponing, freebies, etc) here. If you have a Kindle or e-reader, her round-ups of the weeks FREE e-books are worth checking out. This post set me on the right path to a cheaper grocery bill by spending a few weeks making short term sacrifices. And she has tons of income earning ideas and how-to’s for blogging for profit. Of course, you may be wondering why I; a single, liberal, non-churchy gal, would be turning to this Christian Mom blogger as one of my go-to’s. Well, the answer is simple–SHE HAS SAVED ME MONEY. And I love saving money. If you’re trying to cut costs or make the commitment to budget-livin’, I would absolutely recommend turning to blogs like these; home-schoolin’, bible quotin’, budgetistas…these SAHM’s get a bad rap but they’ve made saving money their full time jobs. Haters gonna hate but I’m addicted to Christian Mom bloggers. : )

To learn more about Crystal CLICK HERE.

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Erin of Bad Yogi…


She takes a fun, non-judgmental approach to yoga here. She also contributes stellar content to my favorite yoga site. She teaches this fantastic 30-day yoga challenge in which web followers everywhere fell in love with her yoga teaching style! ❤ (me included.) Her self-declared “bad yogi” style is easily adoptable and you can even purchase her super cute yoga tank top (WANT). I value her honesty.

To learn more about Erin CLICK HERE.

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I hope you check these gorgeous ladies out and incorporate them into your own web rotation. I’d love to share more inspirational “women of the web” in future posts, if y’all would like. Who is providing you with internet inspiration these days? I’d love to hear! Thanks to Erin, Crystal and Ashley for providing such ride or die web presences in my life. ❤