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Tea party.


Today I thought I’d share my current favorite teas and tea essentials! Tea for two and two for tea…

1. Blackberry Black loose tea from MonTea,a fabulous little tea shop in Lexington, KY in the Chevy Chase neighborhood.

2. Yogi Pure Green tea bags in a thrifted glass tea jar.

3. Loose green tea leaves from the Good Foods Co-op bulk tea section. For the easiest bulk foods container DIY? Just spray paint the lid of a mason jar with some chalkboard paint.

4. Hand-painted tray table, thrifted. (Similar: here, here, and here.)

5. Local honey in hand-me-down Hadley Pottery.

6. Tiny cups from my stackable espresso cups and saucers set .

7. A mesh tea ball to steep loose leaves. (Though I’d love to get my hands on some cheekier infusers like this one and this guy.)

8. Mismatched spoons.

9. Linen tea towel, thrifted. (Similar: here, here, and here.)

So, now the only question is…