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List 5: Weekend Goals

A new series in which I share lists which I hope will help you to get to know me better. Why? Because I started this blog what feels like forever ago and there’s bound to be some new faces peering in once and awhile! So these posts are kinda like an introduction (or a reintroduction for those who’ve been with me since the jump!). A nice to meet ya, so glad you stopped by, now STAY AWHILE! Why lists? Because I love making ’em! (+ it’s the summer and I can give myself some grace when it comes to not posting overly-elaborate blog posts.)

madison al sur la lune photography

This is the last weekend before my professor-husband’s Fall semester starts. We plan to make the most of it!

Weekend goals…

Take a bunch of photos for social media.

Finish a book or two.

Explore Decatur, AL.

Spend some time in water.

Try a new restaurant.

Work on a new side hustle project.

Send out cards to a few pen pals.

Laugh a bunch!

Note: I’ve been tracking my days on the Daylio app for a little over a month now. (Have you ever used this app?) Something that always seems to be present when I rank a day as being “THE BEST”? Doing anything new — going somewhere I’ve never been, trying a new food, starting a new book, etc. etc. Trying to set my weekend goals accordingly! (I guess I love an adventure!!)

Tell me what you plan to do this weekend in the comments below! xoxo
(Photo above: Sur La Lune Photography)

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